Christmas is over for another year, and as the dust of the holiday celebrations settles, it’s time to get our heads in gear as we progress into the new year. Whilst many of us may be suffering from those January blues, there’s nothing to get our spirits up like a spotless home which looks straight out of a home and lifestyle catalogue! Without further ado, here are 5 products you must get stocked up on to achieve that coveted picture-perfect living space! 

Cleaning Materials

The right cleaning products would be nothing without the right tools to apply them! Minky products are a must with their durable material, and with a range of products to take care of each different area of the home. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or just for general purpose, let Minky work its magic to get your living space looking immaculate!

Dirty plates, cutlery, pots and pans can really make your kitchen space look cluttered and unclean – and they build up before we know it too! Keep on top of the washing up with some washing up sponges or a Dishmatic brush complete with fillable handle, both of which will make cleaning dishes easier and more efficient.

Household Essentials

Get the easiest tasks out of the way first with some household essential products. Dispose of rubbish and easily prevent further clutter from building up with some simple but extra-strong refuse sacks, and keep on top of everyday spills and messes with a roll of tough, absorbent kitchen towel. Whilst we’re on the topic of essentials, it’s definitely worth picking up a pack of toilet roll to keep a well-stocked bathroom – especially if you’re in a family home. 

The Pink Stuff

Various areas in our home are more subjected to wear and tear than others, and you probably started to think that those wine and coffee stains on your couch and kitchen surfaces were now a permanent fixture. However, that’s probably before you discovered the Pink Stuff, the “miracle” cleaning product taking the world by storm. Previously only available in a paste, The Pink Stuff have now released a cream cleaner which offers even more stain-busting possibilities, plus a trigger-bottle spray which is great for keeping on top of everyday cleaning. 

Tougher Jobs

Kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves and hobs provide some of the toughest cleaning jobs in the home, and for this reason, are most often neglected, and left to gather a build-up of burnt-on food, grease, and general grime. However, if you really want to give your home the star treatment, you don’t need to break the bank. There are plenty of budget-friendly cleaning products such as this nifty microwave cleaner and a tub of cookware cleaning paste, that rival their more expensive counterparts. 

The only job in the home more widely disliked than these appliances is the dreaded toilet, and whilst we can’t promise you won’t have to tackle it at some point, upkeep of a squeaky clean toilet bowl can be made easier with a pack of Astonish toilet tabs

Home Fragrance

You’re almost there! There’s just one more thing to take care of, and that’s ensuring that your freshly cleaned home smells as good as it looks! Nothing hangs onto unpleasant odours, such as those caused by tobacco, quite like fabrics, so spritz sofas and cushions with a Febreze anti-tobacco freshener.

Whilst laundry is a chore, you can make every load feel more rewarding and more worthwhile with some in-wash scent boosters, which will provide a heavenly fragrance for your clothes which will last for weeks after you wash!

Last but not least, keep any room in the house smelling fresh and inviting with a wax melt kit. Not only will it be a treat for the senses, but it will also make any space feel automatically more homely, even a rental one.

Where will you begin when giving your home a New Year’s once over? Let us know by tagging #CherryzUK!

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