It’s safe to say it’s been a strange few months here at Cherryz! Luckily, we have dozens of exciting products at our fingertips to help us keep busy, feel good, and have fun, and now we want to share some of them with you! So whether you’re beginning to venture out or it’s still big nights in only for you, we’re going to share with you the top 5 Cherryz products that have been keeping our spirits up whilst we’ve been staying in! 

Dove Visible Glow Self Tan 

This one acts as self-care and gives a confidence boost all in one! We all know that to look good is to feel good, but when the prospect of a holiday somewhere hot and sunny went out of the window, as did the hope of a sexy suntan. However, with a layer of Dove Visible Glow, you can enjoy a healthy, summery glow without having to set foot outside! It’s enriched with subtle self tanners as well as Dove’s moisture-rich NutriDuo formula, so not only will your skin look beautifully smooth and sun-kissed, but you won’t even have to worry about it flaking like a real tan!

Daily Workout Planner Pad

It’s normal to feel like your life has fallen off track a little in the past few months, but this next product is a great way to get your groove back! It’s a proven fact that routine makes us feel good, plus, exercise is a great way to boost endorphins. This planner can be used to track both your workouts and your progress, helping you to stay both on schedule and in shape, whilst also staying safe!

Bath Time Hoopla Game

Combine “me” time with play time by getting your hands on this amusing bath time game! It can be enjoyed by adults and kids of all ages, and provides a great way to to lift your spirits as you relax amongst the bubbles. Warning: it could leave you not wanting to get out of the bath!

Martini/Whiskey/Gin Glass and Accessory Set 

Why go out to a bar when you can bring the bar to you? Not only do these glasses and accessories bring an authentic feel to your homemade happy hour, but they allow you to give your beverage a unique touch that can be shown off during Zoom drinks with the girls! Will you enjoy it shaken or stirred? On the rocks or straight up? 

Astonish Super-Concentrated Disinfectant 

A tidy house makes for a tidy mind, and we know how important a germ-free living environment is right now. We want you to rest easy knowing you and your family are properly protected, and this concentrated disinfectant is one of the most versatile products we stock. It can be used neat or diluted to clean almost any corner of your home, and most importantly, kills 99.9% of bacteria. Plus, it will make the whole place smell heavenly with Astonish’s range of long-lasting fragrances – which one will you chose? 

We hope you enjoyed our list of lockdown favourites! Let us know which Cherryz products you’ve been using to lift your spirits these past couple of months by tagging #CherryzUK. 

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