With Veganuary in full swing, you might have already munched your way through every single type of lentil crisp or energy ball on the market. Going vegan has a bit of a reputation for being restrictive and repetitive, especially if you’re busy with work or university.

However, contrary to popular belief, many of your fave treats can still be enjoyed during Veganuary. This is thanks to the wonderful ‘accidentally vegan’ phenomenon. It turns out there are actually hundreds of well-known goodies which happen to be vegan-friendly by chance. Being aware of this not only offers way more variety to choose from, but could also save you a pretty penny when shopping in the regular aisles, instead of the vegan one.

Here’s a roundup of our top accidentally vegan sweets and snacks to keep you going till the end of the month.

What is Veganuary?

At the start of January each year, thousands of people pledge to ditch meat and dairy for the entire month, with many extending their new diet to the rest of the year. Veganuary helps people ease into the plant-based way with a community of fellow vegans supporting each other.

Accidentally vegan chocolate

A huge misconception among new vegans is that chocolate is off-limits. All it takes is a quick scan of the ingredients to realise there are actually tonnes of fantastic dairy-free options to satisfy those never- ending chocolate cravings. Luckily, it turns out there is hope for us chocaholics after all! Why not try Lindt excellent dark chocolate for a deliciously indulgent treat, or Fry’s chocolate creams for a lighter, creamier option that you won’t believe is dairy free. 

Accidentally vegan biscuits

Chances are, you’ve dabbled in a plethora of plant-based milks so you still get to enjoy your morning brew this month. And what’s a cuppa without a biscuit to dunk! You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of accidentally vegan biscuits that are all delicious sidekicks to your hot beverage of choice. For those who prefer to keep things old school, Mcvitie’s bourbons and Thurston’s jammie dodgers and Fox’s party rings are here to save the day.

Anyone with a sweet tooth should look no further, as Oreos, Lotus biscoff creams and McVitie’s ginger nuts are all accidentally vegan too (and utterly moreish!).

Accidentally vegan sweets

While most pick-and-mix classics are sadly a no-go during Veganuary, there’s still a pretty generous selection of accidentally vegan sweets to indulge in. If you’re a fan of fizz, try Haribo rainbow strips. For that chewy goodness that most vegan candy lacks, get yourself a pack of Swizzels drumsticks choos or Skittles. Swizzels love hearts and Polo originals are iconic childhood faves that are great for keeping in your bag and munching on the go.

Accidentally vegan snacks

If you typically find yourself reaching for a cheese board over dessert, you’ve probably exhausted all of your vegan salty snack options by now. Crisps are a great way to get a savoury kick to keep you going throughout the day. To vegan-ise the charcuterie board of your dreams, Pringles original and texas BBQ work fantastically. Most nuts, such as Thurston’s roasted and salted cashews or pistachios also get the go ahead. Pair with vegan cheese and meat alternatives for the ultimate accidentally vegan grazing board.

For on-the-go lunch fillers, crisps multipacks will become your best friend. Skips, Hula Hoops original and salt and vinegar, Pom Bears original and Space Raiders pickled onion are all firm vegan-friendly favourites that will get the entire family’s approval

Now you’re armed with the best accidentally vegan snacks and sweets to carry you over your Veganuary finishing line, check out the rest of our extensive vegan range for even more plant-based goodness.