What’s a family meal without a delicious dessert to provide the perfect finish touch? What’s a cup of tea with friends without some baked treats to enjoy them with? We all like to indulge in a sweet treat from time to time, but they taste even better when we know effort has gone into them. Why not put your skills to the test and treat friends, family, and yourself to a batch of baked goodies made by hand, or introduce some friendly competition with an at-home bake off? Here’s our list of essential baking products!  


The obvious essentials such as caster sugar are always worth keeping stocked up on, but if you’re not a whiz in the kitchen it’s no problem at all. There are plenty of ready-to-use mixes which will fool all your friends and family into believing you’ve years’ worth of experience! Will you enjoy a rich red velvet or an indulgent devil’s food cake? Don’t forget some icing sugar for a frosted finishing touch!


Ingredients are no good without the right tools to whip them up with. No one wants to realise halfway through an intense baking session that they’re missing a key component of their baking toolkit, so make sure you’re adequately equipped before you begin! Every recipe requires different utensils, but almost all of them will need items such as a whisk, a spoon, and a measuring jug, so these are worth investing in.


After most of the hard work is out the way, it’s time for the moment of truth! Will your homemade treat rise to the occasion? Make sure you’re kitted out with the right tins and trays for your baking, and since you’ve come this far, it’s worth grabbing some baking paper too, to avoid disappointment by ensuring your dessert remains in one piece during and after cooking. 


Time to present your baked-goods with a flourish! Pick up some cupcake cases, or even some boxes for an even more professional look. If you’re planning on keeping your treats stored for a number of days, grab and airtight container to prolong freshness! 

Be sure to check out our baking range which has many more goodies for the perfect batch of DIY treats! Then tag #CherryzUK and tell us what your favourite cake is and why!

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