Fire up the grill, dig out the skewers, and send out the invites. It’s barbecue season. What better way to spend a sunny day than surrounded by friends, family, and good food. It’s not just knowing how to grill the perfect chicken kebab, the best BBQ party means having the right entertainment, decorations, and much more. We’ve compiled the ultimate list chock full of BBQ ideas so you can have the summer BBQ of dreams! 

BBQ food and drink

Kicking off with arguably the most important part of any BBQ, the food and drinks! Here are some tips and tricks to ensure yours is a roaring success. 

Prep food before your guests arrive

One of the easiest ways to make your day go smoother is to have all the food ready on the grill when the guests arrive. This includes having any side dishes such as pasta salad or dips and crisps out on display. After all, you don’t want guests to arrive while you’re still forming those burger patties or chopping up the tomatoes and lettuce!

Use ice buckets to encourage guests to help themselves to drinks

Prepping extends to the drinks as well! Set up an ice bucket with bottled waters, fruit shoots, and other kid friendly drinks and another bucket with beer and wine. This allows you to focus on grilling those patties to perfection instead of constantly topping your guests up.

Have a range of condiments

No BBQ party is complete without a healthy assortment of delicious sauces! No matter their taste, you can’t go wrong with Crucials sauces. With spicy, sweet, and everything in between, the odds will definitely be in your flavour! Just make sure you have some napkins on hand to quickly mop up any runaway sauce.

Spruce up your grilling game

While classics like hamburgers and hotdogs should not be left off your grill, there’s nothing wrong with mixing up your grilling game. Toss in some adventurous burger toppings or perhaps throw some brisket into the mix. Serve up with some stainless steel tongs and you can officially call yourself a grill master!

Serving your BBQ food and drinks 

Opt for paper plates and cups

Chances are you’re not going to feel like washing up plate upon plate after just serving up an epic feast. Use fun printed paper plates and cups to keep clean up duties to a minimum and food looking even more appetising. 

Use pitchers for an easy top up

Planning on treating guests to some of your famous fruit punch? Make it in bulk and place it into a pitcher so guests can help themselves and you don’t have to constantly dash back into the kitchen to make more.

Have some aluminium trays on hand to help with cleaning

If you don’t fancy hours scrubbing away at the grill to get those pesky grease stains off, use aluminium barbecue trays. They allow the smoke from the BBQ to be absorbed by the food while stopping any fat from draining. Win-win!

BBQ party entertainment

Ain’t no party like a barbecue party! Any good host knows the secret to keeping guests happy is to provide ample entertainment. Here are a few ways to ensure everyone has a great time.

Set up some garden games to keep the kids entertained

Kids are notoriously fidgety creatures, incapable of sitting still for too long. Having some garden games on hand will stop them constantly asking when it’s time to go home, leaving the adults to socialise in peace. A football is always a crowd-pleaser while water guns will allow them to stay cool while having loads of fun! Alternatively, some bubble wands are a surefire way to keep them entertained for hours. 

Have a funky playlist

The key to any good party is good music! Have a solid summer playlist sorted to keep the good vibes going and the party continuing late into the night. 

BBQ decoration ideas

So the playlist is sorted, the food is prepped, but what about the decorations? You don’t need to splash loads of cash to transform your outdoor space and here’s how!

Put up some outdoor fairy lights

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to instantly enhance your back garden, fairy lights will do the trick. Weave them through your trees or hang them above your grill for an Insta-worthy barbecue party. 

Hang up some bunting

Bunting is an affordable yet fun way to liven up any space. Extra points if it’s got a fun print!

BBQ cleaning 

In the hustle and bustle of having just hosted the ultimate barbecue party, it can be easy to forget the not so fun part…the cleaning. Don’t dally about and delay this till the next day. Simply equip yourself with a bbq cleaning tool and get to work. The Pink Stuff cleaning paste is great for getting rid of those tough burn marks so your grill can be sparkling clean in preparation for your next alfresco shindig. Check out our fabulous guide on how to use The Pink Stuff to get your grill gleaming in no time.

Now you’re armed with all the best tips and tricks for a great summer barbecue, check out our condiment range to really take your food up a notch. Whether you like it hot with  spicy mayo, or you’re a sucker for classic tomato ketchup, you’ll be hosting the perfect BBQ party right away.

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