Very few things beat the smell of cinnamon, gingerbread, and mulled wine over the festive season. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend hours baking in the kitchen to enjoy these wonderful smells around your home. Simply light a candle, wax melt, or clean your home with one of the many festive scents Zoflora have on offer! Whether you prefer the intense smell of a candle or wax melt, or the more subtle smells of a reed diffuser, your home will be smelling fabulously festive in no time!

Christmas scented candles

Baked goods

Real candle lovers know that no Christmas candle collection is complete without a Yankee candle. Infused with seasonal scents of fresh baked treats and winter wonderlands, your home will be smelling good enough to eat with this wafting around it.

Mulled wine

We don’t know about you but we love nothing more than drinking a mulled wine at the Christmas markets over the festive season. Why not bring the Christmas markets to you with a mulled wine candle?

Winter wonderland

Do you dream of walking in a winter wonderland? Infused with essential oils, this winter wonderland candle will have you feeling like you’re in a Hallmark movie, no matter the weather.

Ginger spice

Ginger spice and everything nice! Does anything scream Christmas quite like the smell of gingerbread?


No Christmas roast is complete without lashings of cranberry sauce! So, it makes sense that a cranberry candle is the perfect accompaniment to your home over the festive season! Bonus points if it’s in a cute jar.

Warm vanilla

Christmas is all about being snug and a warm vanilla scented candle just oozes cosy vibes.

Is someone in your life as obsessed with candles as we are? A Christmas hamper full of scented candles and goodies is the perfect way to treat them this festive season.

Christmas themed candles

Christmas tealight candles

Planning on gifting a candle to a loved one? A tealight candle set complete with a Christmas tree holder is the perfect way to light up anyone’s home over the festive season.

Snowflake candle

While a white Christmas is never guaranteed, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a snowflake or two anyway. A snowflake candle will immediately add festive cheer to any room and also works as a great stocking filler!

Christmas tree candle

Everyone loves a bit of novelty over Christmas, so a novelty candle of some kind is surely a must. And it might as well be a Christmas tree!

Zoflora Christmas scents

Winter morning

A scent from Zoflora that needs absolutely no introduction, winter morning will make cleaning over the festive season that little bit less painful. If you’re looking for a scent that immediately transports you to those crisp, frosty winter mornings, this is the one.

Warm cinnamon

For lovers of the fabulously festive spice that is cinnamon, the warm cinnamon disinfectant is a huge must! Cosiness and Christmas spirit guaranteed.

Cranberry & orange

Last but not least, the cranberry and orange disinfectant. Equal parts fruity and festive, your home will be smelling like a Christmassy paradise with this wafting around it.

Want your home to smell wonderfully festive at all times? Make sure you’re in the know about the many Zoflora hacks you can use in your home!

Christmas scented wax melts

Candlelit cabin

Sadly, not many of us have the option to head to a beautiful candlelit chalet over the festive season – although we can dream! A Yankee candle wax melt is pretty close, right? Pair with a cute ceramic oil burner and you’re onto a winner!

Frosty gingerbread

Having your home smell of baked goods is a great way to feel immediately festive when you enter any room. A wax melt releases its fragrance slower than a candle so is perfect if you wish to bathe in a gingerbread smell for longer.

Snowflake cookie

If you have a sweet tooth, it makes sense you’ll love a sweet smelling wax melt. While you sadly can’t eat it, a cookie scented wax melt will leave your home smelling delightfully delectable.

Sparkling cinnamon

Add a little spice to any space with a cinnamon scented wax melt, guaranteed to have you feeling even more festive (if that’s possible) over Christmas!

Wild berries

Dark fruits such as wild berries are quintessentially Christmassy, so a wild berry wax melt is a winner! Even better if it comes with a wax burner included!

Christmas diffusers

Mulled wine

For fans of the festive beverage, a mulled wine reed diffuser really is a no-brainer. Place in any (or all) rooms of your home to immediately immerse yourself in cosy, Christmassy vibes.


If you want to fill your home with a fragrance that isn’t too overwhelming, vanilla is a great shout. The subtle yet festive fragrance is the perfect way to make your home more inviting for when you have guests over.


Cranberry and citrus scents are staples over the Christmas season, so a berry reed diffuser is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Place on your mantelpiece or bedside table for a sweet yet subtle aroma.

Festive air fresheners

Crisp apple

If you find traditional Christmas scents too engulfing, then a crisp apple air freshener is the perfect way to go. Light and refreshing, but still festive, it will work wonderfully in any room.

Christmas cookie

There’s no reason why your home should have all the fun! Placing an air freshener in your car will have you feeling festive to and from work. And who doesn’t want their car to smell like Christmas cookies?

Christmas scented plug-in refills

Spiced apple

Can’t decide on just one fragrance? A plug-in refill full of varying spiced apple fragrances is the festive solution you’re looking for. Just be sure to pair with the appropriate unit.


If juicy cranberries are more your scent style over Christmas, then a revolving plug-in refill of cranberry fragrances is the one for you. Plug into your wall while you indulge in Christmas dinner to have your taste buds tingling even more!

Does your love for all things Christmas extend beyond candles and home fragrances? If so, you’ll love what else we have on offer in our Christmas range. From gorgeous gift sets to delightful decorations, make sure your home is as festive as can be this Christmas!

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