Searching for the best cheap cleaning products out there? We can definitely help. Whether you’re a cleaning aficionado or haven’t even heard of The Pink Stuff, there are plenty of budget-friendly products available. From cleaning sprays to pastes and everything in between, there really is no shortage of cleaning products for your under sink arsenal. If you’re wondering which products will get you the most bang for your buck, here are 17 cherry-picked £1 and under cleaning products your home needs!

Disinfectant spray

Price: £0.90

A favourite among Mrs Hinch and her army of loyal domestic gods and goddesses, you really can’t go wrong with a Fabulosa disinfectant spray. Choose from a range of gorgeous scents such as Lemon Lavender and Wild Rhubarb for a home that smells as good as it looks.

Concentrated disinfectant

Price: £1

If you’d like your disinfectant to have a little more oomph, a concentrated disinfectant is the way to go. Astonish has blessed us with a beautiful Pink Roses concentrated disinfectant that produces 12 litres of diluted disinfectant you can use on multiple surfaces and appliances in your home. Did we mention it smells amazing too?

Bathroom spray

Price: £1

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, we’re sure you’ve heard of The Pink Stuff. A brand synonymous with budget-friendly yet impressive products, this easy-to-use bathroom spray is a must in your cleaning arsenal.

Bathroom wipes

Price: £1

For those harder to reach places, bathroom wipes are a good way to go. Greenshield bathroom surface wipes are the answer to all your cleaning prayers, setting you back just £1 and killing 99.9% of bacteria!

Anti-bacterial wipes

Price: £1

Anti-bacterial wipes are a staple in any home and you don’t need to spend loads of your hard-earned cash on them! Duzzit anti-bac wipes are a quick, easy, and budget-friendly solution to a germ free home. In a pack of 50, you’re more than getting your money’s worth!

Floor cleaner

Price: £1

Your floors are particularly prone to gathering bacteria. All manner of dirty shoes, muddy paws, and accidental food spillages can pile up, meaning that it’s essential you give it the VIP treatment. Astonish floor cleaner comes in a huge 1L bottle so you can clean your floors again and again without having to be sparing!

Scrubbing pad

Price £0.95

While wipes and sprays are great for most household tasks, sometimes a little more elbow grease is required. An Elbow Grease scrubbing pad works perfectly to remove tough stains and burnt on food so your appliances are always squeaky clean. This one is also non-scratch so your pots and pans won’t receive too much wear and tear!

Glass & window spray

Price: £0.95

When it comes to hardworking but inexpensive household cleaners, Astonish has got it down to a fine art. At just 95p, all your glass surfaces and windows can look good as new. It also comes in a handy spray bottle so is ideal for a quick home spruce up!


Price: £0.55

If you weren’t already aware of Clean & Fresh’s thick bleach, now’s the time to acquaint yourself. Costing only 55p, this bleach is proof that price doesn’t necessarily equate to cleaning power. 


Price: £0.90

Thanks to its solvent free and powerful formula, the Elbow Grease all-purpose degreaser has earned itself a rep as being one of best in the cleaning business. Couple this with the fact that it’s under £1 and it’s not hard to see why! Use on fabrics, metals, and plastics (but not wood) to banish pesky grime and grease quickly and easily.

Toilet rim block cleaner

Price: £1

Max Flush toilet rim blockers truly are the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to everyone’s least favourite household chore. They effectively remove dirt, germs, and limescale from your toilet, while also leaving behind a pleasant lavender scent. Win-win!

Microwave & fridge cleaner

Price: £1

Multi-talented? Check. Easy to use? Check. Budget-friendly? Definitely check! Stubborn food deposits and bad odours are problems that plague even the most seasoned of cleaners. Thankfully, microwave and fridge wipes are here to stop them in their tracks.

Stainless steel cleaner

Price: £1

Finding a stainless steel cleaning product that is not only affordable but doesn’t leave behind streaks can be a challenging task. Green Shield stainless steel wipes are your one-stop shop for sparkling clean, streak free appliances.

Drain unblocker

Price: £0.90

Sink, shower, and bath blockages are an inevitable part of life, but that’s no reason to dread them! A simple drain unblocker, such as this one from Duzzit, is a master at quickly removing any nasty build-ups that may cause overflowing.

Oven & cookware cleaner

Price: £0.90

Holy grail oven cleaning products are tricky to come by, particularly ones that cost under £1! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to throw loads of harsh chemicals on your precious cookware to rid it of dirt, grease, and burnt-on food. A simple layer of this Astonish paste (plus a little elbow grease) will deliver perfect results every time.


Cleaning paste

Price: £1

A multi-purpose cleaner with a well-deserved cult following, The Pink Stuff paste is truly the stuff of cleaning dreams. Have a read of our guide on how to use The Pink Stuff to find out just how versatile it is.

Baking soda

Price: £1

When it comes to cleaning products that can do it all, Duzzit baking soda is at the forefront. That wine stain that won’t budge? Sorted. Those pesky burn marks on your barbecue? Not a problem. A must for any bargain hunter’s cleaning kit.

Fancy yourself the next Mrs Hinch? Our range of budget-friendly cleaning products will have your home looking and feeling fabulous in no time. Whether you’re a die hard Fabulosa fan or a loyal Zoflora user, simply add your go-to brands to your Cherryz box and you’re good to go!

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