British summer is in full swing and you know what that means…it’s time for a picnic, of course! Whether you head down to the local park or invite everyone to your back garden, make sure you have those picnic essentials on lock. We’ve already shared our top tips for hosting the ultimate BBQ, now we’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly picnic ideas. From food to entertainment, make this your best picnic yet. 

Bags and blankets

Essential picnic blanket

No picnic is complete without a picnic blanket, and it may as well have a fun pattern! They are a great way to stop you getting grass stains on your favourite jeans and they provide the perfect placement for your food and drinks. To make your life even easier, grab one that folds into a bag so you can transport it without any hassle.

Cool bag

Now, you’ll need a way to carry all that delicious food and drink with you. A cool bag is always a great idea as it keeps those sandwiches tasting as fresh as the moment you made them. Pair with some freezer blocks to keep everything extra cool. 

Picnic food and drink


The undisputed king of the picnic, sandwiches are a must! Whether you opt for sliced bread or rolls, make sure you have a variety of spreads and fillings to suit all tastes. 


You really can’t go wrong with a pasta salad at your summer picnic. Pair with prawn and avocado or keep it simple with pesto and chicken, either way it’s sure to be a hit. 

Snack bars

Snack bars are a guaranteed crowd pleaser at a picnic among kids and big kids alike! Mix things up and have some mint and dark chocolate bars or keep it classic with some double chocolate bars.

Crisps & biscuits

You can’t throw a summer picnic and not have a healthy assortment of crisps and biscuits. The key to a successful summer picnic is to bring a variety for people to graze on throughout the day. From Pringles to Jammie Dodgers, these are undeniable picnic essentials. Just make sure you bring some bin liners for all those empty packets!

Soft drinks

Staying refreshed is a must at a picnic and soft drinks are a surefire way to quench your thirst. Anything sugar-free is a great idea to stop kids bouncing off the walls while cartons allow people to easily help themselves. Squeeze It drinks taste amazing while also keeping you hydrated, making them a fantastic option too!

How to serve up picnic food and drink

Sandwich bags

You’ll need somewhere to store all those yummy sandwiches you’ve prepared and airtight sandwich bags are a great way to keep them fresh.

Cutlery, plates & napkins

There’s no point having a tasty pasta salad if you’ve got nothing to eat it with! Opt for some eco-friendly wooden cutlery instead of your best set to save washing up (and the planet)! 

Keep your best china plates at home and choose paper bowls and plates instead and mop up any rogue sandwich filling or sauce with some handy napkins.

Cups & pitcher

That delicious homemade lemonade you’ve made is best served out of a handy pitcher, so everyone can readily help themselves. They’re also a great option if you’re planning on bringing down large bottles of soft drinks. For other beverages, paper cups are a great way to go, especially if they have a cool print! 

Bottle opener

If there are adults present, then chances are wine or beer will be present. Make sure you have a bottle opener to avoid disappointment.

Atmosphere and entertainment

LED lights

Lights are the easiest way to boost the atmosphere, particularly when you start to lose the natural light. Bonus points if you grab ones with a ground spike so you can effortlessly place them around your blanket.


If you’re planning on taking the picnic from day to evening, battery-operated tealights are a fun and safe way to instantly brighten up the space. Dot all around your blanket for a picture perfect summer picnic!


Rounding off our list of picnic essentials is entertainment ideas. Kids are notorious for becoming easily bored so make sure you have an array of games and entertainment. Water pistols are always a hit, particularly when it’s warm, as are bubble wands. Or something as simple as a football is guaranteed to keep them running around for hours so you can sip on your drinks in peace.

Now you’re ready to throw the perfect picnic, check out our summer range to gain even more inspiration! From handheld fans to keep you cool to fun garden games to keep the little ones entertained, we’ve got your summer on lock. 

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