Slimming World is famous for being the diet plan where you can eat pasta, dairy, chocolate, crisps, and all the snacks that used to be strictly off-limits while watching your weight. It’s the innovative ‘syn’-based strategy that rescues us from dull dinners and lacklustre lunches. Here at Cherryz, discover a variety of low-syn snacks perfect for any Slimming World enthusiast. 

Let’s get low syn snacking!

We’ve rounded up our top 12 snacks and foods to help you make the most of your syns. These guilt-free goodies can certainly make a weekly appearance in your diet without damaging your progress!

Quavers: 4 syns

We love the way irresistibly light Walkers Quavers cheese curls melt in your mouth! At just 4 syns per packet, they’re ideal for when you’re craving something savoury and don’t want to veer off plan. Thanks, we’ll take two!

Skips: 3.5 syns

Walkers Skips are the flavour-packed snacks perfect for lunch or a post-dinner snack. With that iconic tangy prawn cocktail taste, you won’t be able to get enough of these light and melty crisps when you’re following Slimming World. Good job they’re only 3.5 syns per bag!

Milky Way crispy rolls: 6.5 syns

One of these delicious Milky Way crispy rolls is just under half your daily allowance, making it the ideal afternoon pick-me-up! Pop one in your lunchbox as a sweet treat to get you through the workday and satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your syns low.

Jammie dodgers minis: 4.5 syns, Maryland cookies minis: 5 syns

Add a little variety into your Slimming World plan and mix things up with this Burton’s variety pack bumper bag of treats. It’s packed full of your favourite low-syn snacks like Maryland cookies (5 syns per bag) and Jammie Dodgers (4.5 syns per bag). With 16 mini biscuit bags per bumper pack, you’ll have to hide them away to avoid gobbling them all at once.

Cadbury freddo: 5 syns

Chocoholics might need to sit down for this one – Cadbury Freddo bars are just 5 syns per bar. Yes, you heard that right – you can enjoy Cadbury signature smooth milk chocolate without feeling an ounce of guilt. Stick one in your lunchbox for a sweet sugar fix. Who said low syn snacks had to be boring?

Cadbury Dairy Milk little bars: 5 syns

Enjoy the same delicious chocolate while staying low syn thanks to Cadbury Dairy Milk little bars. They’re exactly the same as the iconic Dairy Milk, only smaller! Perfect as a small treat, they take up just 5 of your daily syns.

Cadbury buttons: 4 syns

The low syn chocolate fun doesn’t stop there. In fact, it gets even better when you find out that a bag of Cadbury buttons are just 4 syns, giving you 11 syns left for the rest of your day. That’s the kind of maths we can get behind!

Kinder choco bons: 1.5 syns

Thought chocolate syn counts couldn’t possibly get any lower? Think again! These mini chocolate bites with their indulgent creamy hazelnut filling are just 1.5 syns per bon. Kinder choco bons are the perfect choice if you’re looking to get your chocolate fix while staying low syn.

Fox’s mini party rings: 4 syns

Can’t properly enjoy a cuppa without a biscuit? You’ll be thrilled to find out that Fox’s mini party rings ring-shaped delights are your perfect low syn accompaniment. With their fun layer of pastel icing and signature crunch, these retro snack bags stand at just 4 syns each.

Kellogg’s rice crispy squares bars: 4 syns

Tactically treat yourself to a mix of crispy cereal and soft, fluffy marshmallow while staying on plan with a Kellogg’s rice crispy squares bar. You can’t go wrong at an astounding 4 syns per bar. And with four bars per pack, you’ll be stocked up for the foreseeable future.

Swizzels drumstick squashies – 3.5 syns per serving

The good news just keeps on coming for those with a sweet tooth. If drumsticks were a childhood favourite for you, Swizzel’s drumstick squashies are the low syn super-sweet blast from the past you need. These delightfully squishy candies are just 3.5 syns per 20g serving!

Alpen Light cereal bars: 3 syns each

Gone are the days of being on a diet meaning braving the mid-morning munchies and longing for lunchtime with your tummy rumbling. At only 3 syns each, Alpen Light cereal bars are the perfect post-breakfast snack to keep you going until noon rolls around. Currently stocked in summer fruits and chocolate and fudge flavours, your low syn snack game just got a total level up.

And there we have it! Be sure to tag #CherryzUK on your low syn hauls and let us know what goodies you got your hands on. Check out our selection of biscuits, cakes and crackers to discover even more delicious Cherryz snacks with low-syns. Happy snacking!

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