It’s almost Christmas everyone, and you know what that means? It’s time to start thinking about gifts! Now, as you may or may not know, presents aren’t just reserved for the big day. In fact, December 24th is also becoming an increasingly popular time to hand out gifts, in the form of a Christmas Eve box. Similarly to a hamper, these boxes are chock-full of festive tidbits to get kids even more excited for Christmas day. If you’re thinking about giving your little one a Christmas Eve box, here are some budget-friendly ideas they are sure to love.

What to put in a Christmas Eve box

The box

While a shoebox will do, there’s no harm in going all out and having a specialised Christmas Eve gift box to really add to the festive excitement. Alternatively, a simple storage box will do the trick!


Candy canes

Whether they’re on the naughty or the nice list, they definitely deserve some sweet treats and they don’t get more Christmassy than candy canes!


If your child has a sweet tooth then chocolate is a staple choice for their Christmas eve box. The best part? You can have some too!

Games and activities

Christmas activity book

Kids love all things colouring and stickers, so it makes sense they’ll enjoy a Christmas themed activity book. It’s also the perfect way to keep them amused when the excitement of present opening is over.

Pass the parcel

Everyone loves playing games over Christmas so a pass the parcel game is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Bouncy balls

Children delight in simple games and it doesn’t get more simple than bouncing a ball. Bonus points if it features characters from their favourite film!

Jigsaw puzzle

Depending on the size of your box, a jigsaw puzzle is a great Christmas Eve box idea. You can all work together on it as a family or leave them to it. Either way, it’s sure to go down a treat.

Bubble wand

Kids and bubbles are a match made in fun heaven! A bubble wand will keep them occupied for hours while you’re relaxing on the sofa after a big Christmas roast.



There’s plenty of fun to be had with some novelty Christmas headbands. They are the perfect accompaniment to their Christmas day outfit and will have them feeling even more festive. Just be sure to get one for yourself too!

Elf projector

Does your little one use a night light? Why not give it a Christmas twist? Kids are guaranteed to love seeing stars, candy canes, and other festive favourites lighting up their walls at night.

Arts and crafts

DIY snowman kit

While there might not be any snow for them to build an actual snowman, that doesn’t mean they can’t create one anyway! A DIY snowman kit is the perfect way for them to get creative and have fun, plus it doubles up as a cute decoration once it’s done.

Make your own snow kit

No snow? No problem! Let kids create their own snow with a simple snow making kit. Just be sure to have the hoover handy for when it starts getting a bit messy!

Arty bits

Encouraging children to explore their creative side is always a good idea. Some gem stickers or a watercolour paint set is a great place to start, as are some pom poms!

Fun extras


Whether it’s the same stocking you whip out every Christmas or a brand new one, this is a wonderful choice for their Christmas eve box. By adding a stocking, your children can hang it up themselves in preparation for the big day ahead!

Tree decoration

Gifting each child their own individual Christmas decoration is a wonderful tradition to start. They can hang their new one on the tree every Christmas eve and one day hang them all on their own tree.

Peppa Pig

Is your little one a Peppa Pig fan? Treat them to some Peppa Pig themed gifts such as stickers or body wash for a gift they’re guaranteed to adore.


A calendar for the new year is a simple yet super addition to any Christmas Eve box, especially when it’s got their favourite four legged friend on it!


A universal crowd pleaser among kids and big kids alike, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of fluffy socks. 


If there’s one thing you can count on over Christmas, it’s the chilly weather. Some pyjamas will keep them super warm, especially if they’ve got a fun festive print!

There’s no reason why kids should have all the fun! Check out our Christmas hamper ideas for inspiration on what to gift your older friends, family, and even four legged companions! Now you’re all clued up on what to fill your kids’ Christmas eve box with, take a look at the rest of our Christmas range for even more inspiration. From glorious gift sets for all ages, to everything you need to throw the ultimate Christmas party, Cherryz has got your Christmas covered. Be sure to tag us in your Christmas Eve box photos using #CherryzUK.

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