As the season for gift-giving approaches, it’s only natural to suffer from a spot of present-buyers’-block! Sometimes our closest friends and family can be the trickiest to select a gift for. This Christmas, why not change things up a little? Instead of settling for one larger gift, show each of your loved ones just how well you know them by arranging a hamper-full of exciting goodies which will suit them down to the ground. After all, it’s the little things that count! 

Whether they’re raving chocoholics or bonkers for all things beauty, here are some hamper ideas to suit every taste! So, grab some handy baskets, some gift wrap or tissue paper, and some festive pom poms to make it look special, and begin filling them with surprises.

You can put absolutely anything in a Christmas hamper, however, if you’re stuck for ideas, you can count on us here at Cherryz to deliver some inspiration! Here’s how to put together the perfect Christmas hamper! 

For the food and drink connoisseur

Do you have a foodie in your family? If so, there’s no better time than Christmas to treat them to some delicious tidbits. Here are some of our top food hamper ideas if you need a little inspiration. Even if you’re not giving a hamper as a gift, it’s nice to make one to take with you to a family party over the festive season.

Selection box

A simple selection box never goes amiss among kids and big kids. For fans of the iconic Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, this ‘Classic Collection’ box is simply perfect! However if you’re after more of a selection, M&M’s have got you covered with their selection box, chock full of family favourites.

Boozy chocolate

If you’re after something a bit more adult, an indulgent box of Baileys chocolates or Guinness infused dark chocolate is sure to be a festive hit! 


Some much-loved treats such as a tube of Jelly Tots or Fruit Pastilles are perfect. Alternatively, a tub of Swizzels sweet shop favourites is a fantastic option if you’re not sure what their favourite sweets are. 

Savoury snacks

Be sure to switch things up and add some savoury items in there too. Jacob’s Treeselets are a great novelty edition of the much loved Twiglets or perhaps some Mini Cheddars are more to their taste. 


Last but by no means least, a bottle of wine, bubbly, or their favourite spirit is the ultimate finishing touch, age dependent on the recipient, of course. 

For the cleaning god and goddess

We all have a member of the family who loves nothing more than a good clean. Why not treat them to a hamper of cleaning goodies to help keep their home spick and span all year round? 


Every cleaning connoisseur knows Zoflora disinfectant is an absolute cupboard essential. Select a fragrance you’ll know they’ll love and you’re good to go! 

The Pink Stuff cleaning paste

Any fan of Mrs Hinch is bound to appreciate a tub of the famous The Pink Stuff cleaning paste, perfect for use pretty much anywhere in the home. Make sure they have a handy pair of rubber gloves when handling this as it can irritate the skin! 

Minky antibacterial cleaning pad

A must for any domestic god or goddess, a Minky antibacterial pad is as cute as it is capable. Choose from fun heart, zig zag, and geometric patterns depending on what you think they’ll love most!

Anything by Fabulosa 

Making waves in the cleaning world, and for good reason, any product by Fabulosa is a guaranteed winner. Favourites include the Electrify disinfectant spray and the Fab-a-loo toilet perfume! The latter may seem like a bit of a weird gift but trust us, when you smell it yourself, you’ll understand the hype!

Fairy liquid and Scrub Daddy cleaning sponge

What’s some Fairy liquid without its spongy sidekick? Scrub Daddy is always a good shout, not just because of how cute they look, but because of how mighty they are! 

For the beauty guru

If you know someone who likes to dress to impress no matter what the occasion, a beauty hamper is sure to help them be the belle of any ball. Here are a few ideas they are sure to love!

Hair sheet mask

Ugh I hate having silky smooth hair…said no one ever! A hair sheet mask is always a great shout, particularly during the colder months when hair gets a bit dry!

Mud mask

Most people appreciate a good spa session, but definitely not how much it costs! Bring the spa to them with a dreamy face mask

Body butter

Dry skin is so last season. A handy bottle of body moisturiser is a quick and easy way to have sumptuously soft skin that smells amazing too! 

Hand cream

Nobody enjoys having dry hands when it gets cold! A tube of hand cream will slot easily into their handbag for an on-the-go soften up.

Eyeshadow palette

If there’s one thing we are certain of, it’s that you can never have too many eyeshadow palettes! Choose one with a range of shades and shimmers so they can create day and night time looks effortlessly.

Makeup brush set

Makeup brushes are another staple in a beauty gurus kit, not least because they’re the easiest way to apply makeup. Whether you opt for a blush, bronzer, or eyeshadow brush (or all three), they are sure to come in super handy. Or go for a kit so they’ve got all their make-up needs covered!

Blush & bronzer

Everybody knows the secret to sun-kissed skin is a perfect blush and bronzer combo! We recommend a blush palette with varying shades so they’re covered all year round.

Men’s manicure kit

Men deserved to be pampered too! A manicure kit will keep their hands and nails prim and proper, giving them some much deserved TLC. Bonus points if it comes in a fun case.

Gift set

If someone in your life loves nothing more than good workout, you can’t go wrong with a sporty gift set. We love this one from Sure Men, complete with a sports drink shaker and two advanced protection deodorants.


Christmas presents don’t get more classic than an aftershave, and for good reason! Not only do they keep skin silky soft but they leave behind a heavenly scent for their partner to enjoy too!

Beard products

Do you know someone lucky enough to have a beard? If so, they’ll more than appreciate a beard styling kit. Some shampoo, conditioner, and oil will never go amiss, particularly if they’re planning on growing it out over the winter months.

Body wash

If you’re on the hunt for a hamper gift that’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser, body wash is the way to go. No matter which one you choose, they are sure to love it and get plenty of use out of it. Extra points if it doubles up as a face wash!

For the stationery sensation 

Whether you’re gifting your hamper to a student or your work from home hero, any stationery lover is bound to love a hamper full of handy bits and bobs. Here are a few ideas!


A no-brainer this one. Whoever said you can have too much of a good thing was clearly not talking about pens. From colourful felt tip pens to retractable pens, it’s essential to always be stocked up!


Every star note-taker knows that different colour highlighters are the key to organisational success! If they love to colour code their notes, highlighters are a must in their hamper.


Whether you’re drawing or simply making notes, pencils are a staple in any stationery queen or king’s kit. Just make sure there’s a rubber on the end for quickly erasing any mistakes!

Pencil case

There’s little point in having all this amazing stationery and nowhere for it to call home. Whether glittery, faux-leather, or marble patterned, a pencil case will never go amiss.


To-do lists, shopping lists, lecture notes…there really is no limit to a notepad’s uses. Opt for an A6 one for them to slot in their bag for on-the-go note taking, or an A4 one for them to keep at their desk.

Weekly planner

Is there any such thing as being too organised? We don’t think so! With seasonal plans coming at you from every angle, a weekly planner is a great way to stay on top of things. Not to mention, there’s no time like the start of the new year to up your organisation game. 

Hobby organiser

Ask any organised person what their worst nightmare is and chances are they’ll say clutter. A hobby organiser is one of the best and easiest ways to keep all their stationery and arts and crafts bits in one place. Decorate with some gem stickers for a truly personal touch.

For the paw-some pets

Don’t let the humans have all the fun! Your paw-fect pooch deserves a little (or a lot of) love too over Christmas.



Have you ever met a dog that doesn’t love chasing a ball? Us neither.

Dog treats

Same goes for this one, what four-legged friend doesn’t love (and more importantly, deserve) a treat every now and then? 

Rope tug toy

Dogs adore playing tug of war with their humans, not to mention it’s the perfect bonding activity, and isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Dog bowl

A ceramic bowl may be more a gift for you but they’re sure to appreciate it too, especially if they’re prone to getting excited around meal times!

Pet bed

A pet bed is sure to take your pup’s napping game up a few levels, especially if it’s fluffy! It also doubles up as cute decor for your home too.

Santa outfit

The perfect bit of novelty fun over Christmas, a pet Santa hat will ensure your pooch is the star of the show. 


Cat treats

Your cat may be less likely to show you how much they appreciate a treat, but that doesn’t mean they won’t love them!

Mouse toy

Is your cat a little lazy at times? What better way to get them to exercise than through a fun catch the mouse game! Guaranteed entertainment for you and your feline friend.

Catnip toy

Cats go crazy for catnip so any toy infused with it will please them no end!

Cat food

Cats consider themselves royalty so it makes sense their food reflects this. Purine Gourmet cat food comes in four assorted flavours so is a great option if you want to spoil your cat over the colder months.

For the fragrance aficionado

Chances are you know someone obsessed with all things scented? If so, here are some home fragrance hamper ideas they’re bound to thank you for.


Candles and Christmas are a match made in heaven, particularly for fragrance fans. Choose one with a festive scent or a trusty all-rounder for them to light up no matter the season. Either way, it’s sure to be a hit.

Car air freshener

Is there anything worse than hopping into someone’s car and it smelling of damp or wet dog? If your recipient is proud of their car or simply loves to constantly be surrounded by beautiful fragrances, a car air freshener is a great shout.

Reed diffuser

Reed diffusers are a guaranteed crowd pleaser for fragrance addicts. With so much choice no matter your budget, you’ll have no problem finding one to suit their tastes.


Good perfume shouldn’t have to break the bank, especially when it’s part of a hamper. A bold, floral fragrance such as one from Elizabeth Arden is perfect, while Laghmani’s strawberry perfume is a great option if you’re on a budget but still want them to feel cute and confident.

Laundry scent booster

Chances are if they enjoy perfumes and candles, they’ll love laundry scent boosters. After all, who doesn’t enjoy their clothes smelling incredible?

Scented wax melts

An inexpensive yet highly effective way to transform any space, wax melts are a hamper essential for scent lovers. 

Ceramic oil burner

The perfect partner to your scented wax melts, an oil burner is always a good idea, especially if they have a fun, abstract design.

The ultimate Christmas hamper

If your chosen hamper recipient loves a bit of everything, here are some ideas on what to put in their hamper.

Bath salts

If there’s one thing most humans have in common, it’s that we love feeling soothed and relaxed. Bath salts dissolve into your bath water and work miracles on tired and aching muscles. The perfect hamper item for constant desk dwellers or sporting superstars.


An assorted bag of mouth-wateringly good sweets is bound to be a hit with kids and big kids alike. Not to mention, they’re the perfect companion to Christmas movie nights and post-Turkey snacking!

Mince pies

Is Christmas really Christmas unless you’ve stuffed yourself on mince pies? Anyone who is a fan of the festive treat is bound to appreciate receiving some. More the merrier we say!


A bottle of Baileys Irish cream is the ultimate festive tipple! Alternatively, a nice bottle of red is bound to go down a treat too.

Woolly hat, gloves, and scarf set

As much as we’d like to spend all day cosying up on the sofa when it’s cold outside, sadly we have things to do! A woolly hat, gloves, and scarf set is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit when it’s chilly.

Baked goods

Whether you’re a baking sensation or a complete rookie, they are sure to appreciate some baked goods in their hamper basket. You could even cheat and use a cake or cookie mix, we won’t tell!

Shower gel

Nobody enjoys mornings, especially those cold dark mornings once the festive fun is officially over. Having an invigorating shower gel is sure to make them less painful and no-one does it better than Original Source! Opt for refreshing mint and tea tree or zesty lemon and tea tree for a big morning boost they’ll thank you for.

Glass coffee mug

While having a super aesthetically pleasing coffee mug may not actually make your brew taste better (although, we think it does), there’s something to be said for it looking pretty! It’s also great for all manner of teas and other hot brews.


Forever a crowd pleaser, this ultimate hamper would not be complete without a pair of socks. Go full on novelty with some Christmas socks or keep it simple with some handy ankle socks

We hope this post delivered some inspiration, and that your loved ones adore their Christmas hampers! For more Christmas hamper ideas, check out our Christmas collection, chock full of goodies you’re sure to love. Let us know what Cherryz products would make an appearance in your dream hamper by tagging #CherryzUK.

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