Cost of living crisis got you feeling the pinch a little bit more this Christmas? Fear not, for being frugal doesn’t mean your home can’t be fabulous! Armed with a little imagination, there’s no reason you can’t deck the halls with some stunning festive decor. If it’s a little inspiration you’re after, here are our top 15 DIY Christmas decoration ideas for a beautiful yet budget-friendly home.

Turn jam jars into votives

Simple and stunning, we love this one for many reasons. Firstly, chances are you already have a jam jar in your home you can upcycle, or you can buy one easily on the cheap. All you need to do then is jazz them up with some glitter! To do this, simply tape off the top of the jar, cover the bottom with glue and dip into glitter of your choice. Once dry, remove the tape, fill with sand or pebbles from your garden, and add a cute little tealight in place! For extra detail, dress the top with twine and decorations. 

Create your own bauble chandelier

Looking for the perfect festive centrepiece? We got you! Grab yourself an inexpensive hula hoop, then spray paint, or cover it with tape or string to conceal it. Once you’ve completed this step, tie on a selection of Christmas baubles and arrange at staggered heights. To finish off, suspend from the ceiling with string or fishing wire.

Make your own wall-hanging

Spruce up those empty wall spaces on your hallways or corridors with a row of gift wrapped packages suspended from a rustic branch or pole. Not only is this a beautiful way of displaying small gifts and presents for the family, but it is also a great way to use up leftover gift wrap and ribbon remnants. Simply suspend your branch or pole on a couple of sturdy wall hooks, and you’re good to go. This is also a great way to keep curious kids from opening their presents before the big day!

Wrap your front door with ribbon

Give guests the ultimate greeting with a cute front door ribbon. You simply need to cross two lengths of ribbon across the door in a horizontal and vertical manor. To save money on how much ribbon is required, we recommend measuring the exact width and height of your door so you can secure the ribbon discretely with drawing pins on each side. If you have a wreath on hand, hang this on the crossover for a beautiful statement touch.

Fashion your own wreath

Everybody knows a wreath is a staple when it comes to festive decor! This year, why not create your own one with nature’s gifts? We’re talking foraging for holly, pine cones, herbs, sprigs and twigs before getting home and fashioning them into a Christmas masterpiece. Better yet, get the whole family involved and each have fun creating your own wreaths to hang about your home!

Decorate with foraged greenery

Speaking of making the most of what nature has to offer, decorating your home with foraged greenery is the perfect DIY Christmas decoration! Use some offcuts from your real Christmas tree, or head down to the end of you garden or the local park to see what you can find. Drape them across your mantelpiece with some Christmas lights or have them as the centrepiece on your dining room table! Take a look at the below picture for some styling inspiration.

Reuse packages and paper bags for your gift wrapping

One of the unavoidable parts of the Christmas decor package is gift wrapping, and it can very easily add up if you choose to go fancy. Upcycling things such as the paper bags you get from Primark or Amazon is an eco-friendly, stylish, and cheap DIY Christmas decoration idea. Add some twine, a DIY gift tag, or a ribbon and you’re onto a money-saving winner. For an added extra, add some eucalyptus or holly from your garden for a chic, rustic touch.

Make your own Christmas crackers

Who said being frugal couldn’t be fun? Making your own crackers is a great way to save on Christmas costs and is a fun family-bonding activity too! Not to mention, handmade place settings make guests feel extra special. Grab yourself a cardboard roll, wrap some crepe paper or fabric scraps around, then tie the ends with ribbon. If you fancy a more authentic cracker, you could even write your own jokes to place inside as well as some chocolate coins and treats!

Upcycle food tins

Turn your tin cans into twinkling lanterns! Peel the labels off and run the cans through the dishwasher or hand wash them for a shiny finish. Then, fill them with water and pop them in the freezer. Once they are frozen, draw the pattern of your choice on paper and tape onto each tin. With a hammer and a nail, pierce the tin following the pattern (the ice inside will stop the tin denting).

Once thawed, wash them and out and add a handle using aluminium wire. For the final step, light a nightlight inside and place them wherever you see fit. Add two or three of varying sizes for some truly natural charm.

Use dry fruit to make DIY Christmas decorations

Cute, Christmassy, and cost-effective? Sign us up! Clementines are a classic, due to their cosy seasonal scent, making them the perfect choice. Create multiple cuts around the outside, from top to bottom to allow the fruit to dry out quicker, and release more of a sweet aroma. Once dried out, simply thread string through the top to create a loop for hanging on a tree, wreath or garland.

Make twig trees

Modern and money-saving, DIY twig trees make for the ultimate DIY Christmas decorations. Start by taking two long, sturdy twigs of the same size and joining them with a hot glue gun to create the trunk. Then, cut and lay out the crosswise twigs from short to long, making sure each pair are of equal length. Ensure you have enough to create a triangular shape with enough trunk at the end to push into a pot.

You then need to fix the cut twigs on to the trunk, working on one side first with a hot glue gun. Cool, turn over and repeat. Place some soil into a mini pot, then push in the cooled tree. Top pot with shredded paper and foliage of your choice to finish it off.

Christmas ornament calendar

While some alternative advent calendars do cost a pretty penny, a Christmas ornament calendar of decorations you already have is cheap as chips. Choose a seasonal backboard and add 24 sections from which to hang your ornaments. As you countdown the days to Christmas, hang each one up on the tree. Hang from any wall space or perch on top of your mantelpiece for all to see!

Create a Christmas card tree

If you’re short on space or simply trying to save your festive funds, a Christmas card tree is a great idea, not to mention a wonderfully sentimental one. Arrange your prettiest cards into a Christmas tree shape, and place a tin bucket at the base, filled with presents. Check out the below picture for some inspiration!

DIY table place setting

Now we can’t all be DIY sensations, and that’s okay! A super easy yet sophisticated way to spruce up your table decor is to arrange your napkins in the shape of a Christmas tree. Then, use a strip of paper as the trunk and write guests’ names on it! It’ll make guests feel like VIPs and it’ll save you money on pricey place settings.

Repurpose an old frame

Upcycle an old frame into a pretty display for your ornaments. Start by removing the glass and backing from the frame and cleaning thoroughly. Next, paint the frame green with even coats and leave it to dry. Then cut three pieces of ribbon, cord, or string and double the length you want your ornaments to hang. Thread your chosen ornaments onto the ribbon and then attach the ends to the top back of the frame with hot glue, trimming any excess. To finish it off, attach a bow to the front of the frame with hot glue.

We hope these DIY Christmas decoration ideas prove that with a little crafting and imagination, your home doesn’t have to break the bank this festive season. In fact, there are many ways you can stay within budget over the holidays without having to compromise on festive family fun. For more savvy Christmas decor inspiration and purse-friendly festive goodies, take a look at our Christmas range.