Whether it’s mending, painting, or decorating, your own home or a rented home, there’s never been a better time for a spot of DIY! Discover an array of handy home improvement hacks we’ve come up with! Those household tasks you’ve been putting off forever just got a whole lot easier!

No More Excuses!

Time to stop procrastinating, whip the protective gloves on, and truly make your house a home!

Storage Solutions

Household clutter has a habit of sneaking up on us. A pile of old clothes here, and a collection of grown-out-of toys there, and suddenly we can barely see our carpet for junk! Luckily, we know the solution. Consider putting clothes you can’t bear to get rid of (but don’t often find yourself wearing) in a vacuum bag. Alternatively, a handy stackable box is an extremely versatile storage solution that you can use for almost anything. Wow, your living room suddenly looks a whole lot bigger! 

Wall Hangings

A simple addition to your walls can instantly liven up any living space. If you’re the sentimental type, displaying photos can keep happy memories alive, or if you’ve a penchant for self-expression, a couple of prints of your favourite artworks can fill a room with your personality! Unfortunately, for those of us with rented homes, walls featuring anything other than your landlord’s dreary choice of paint colour can feel like a distant dream. Not anymore! An adhesive wall strip or hook is ideal for damage-free decoration! So mortgage or no mortgage, you can enjoy a living space that’s as unique as you are! 

A Lick of Paint

Whether it’s covering up chips and marks or opting for a whole new colour scheme, a lick of paint can go a long way. You can easily and instantly change up the mood of your bedroom by painting one wall a different colour to the rest, and old furniture can be made to look good as new with a simple layer of new paint. Time to grab a paint tray and roller and get going!

Mend and Make New

Whether it’s mending a wobbly chair or upcycling worn-out furniture, there are many ways to achieve hassle-free homemaking! Binding materials are essential to improve precision, but don’t be afraid to get creative too! Not only can a roll of duct tape or masking tape go a long way when it comes to creating straight lines whilst painting, but it can also be used to make funky patterns! Duct tape and paint can also be used to make your very own unique picture frames.

When you’ve got all your materials, don’t forget to cover your furniture with a decorating sheet, especially if you’re naturally mess-prone! 

You’re all set! Head over to our Home Improvement range and be sure to tag #CherryzUK when sharing any useful hacks discovered using our products!

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