The days are getting shorter and the air is getting colder, but don’t mourn the loss of summer! The change in seasons means there are many new exciting things to come, the first of those being Halloween. This spooky autumnal holiday is a Cherryz favourite, and no matter how you’re choosing to celebrate, we’ve a ton of helpful tips on how to have a frightfully fun 31st of October. Without further ado, here are our frightfully fabulous Halloween party ideas! 

Halloween party decorations

Be the coolest (and creepiest) kids on the block with decorations that will fool any guest into believing they’ve just walked into a real-life haunted house! Before you’ve even thought about the inside, be sure to let passers-by know your home is ready for the Halloween season with some scary window stickers.

Why not pick out some truly spine-chilling messages written in blood? Or perhaps cast a ghastly glow with some glow in the dark pumpkins? After that, place a creepy cover over your front door to give trick or treaters an eerie welcome! Once your guests are inside, give them a good jump-scare with a fangtastic hanging bat in your hallway or a bone-chilling holographic skeleton.

Halloween costume ideas

No haunted house is complete without some undead hosts to haunt it. With the right embellishments to your costume, your guests will believe you’ve just risen from the dead! Opt for something silly, eye-catching, or scary! A gruesome axe headband is a great way to grab people’s attention. Or, grab some sequinned devil horns or eye mask for a more seductive style! If you’re a little stuck about what costume to wear, just throw on a witches hat and you’ll be good to go.

Halloween party food

No Halloween party would be complete without a spooky spread that will allow your guests to eat, drink, and be scary! Grab some frighteningly funky containers such as patterned snack baskets, and fill them with some savoury nibbles and sweet goodies. When it comes to drinks, serve up some punch in novelty skull-shaped goblets and matching shot glasses! Or perhaps tumblers are more your style. Don’t forget to deliver some tricks with your treats by serving them up in some spine-chillingly fun skull print plates. For serious spooky points, place some cobweb decoration on your table and watch as the fake spiders nestled within creep up on guests as they help themselves to your frightening feast! As your undead guests depart, be sure to gift them a party bag chock-full of terrifyingly tasty treats!

Trick or treat sweets

Last but by no means least, it’s essential you have those trick or treats goodies on lock. Grab yourself a pumpkin cauldron to place them all in, and then choose an array of wickedly tasty sweeties. Give guests a spooky sour surprise with some Sour Infernal lollies or hit them with some old school classics such as Parma Violets, Swizzels, or chillingly chewy Maoams. In handy mini packets, some Multi Millions sweets are also a super choice for those lucky enough to come a-knocking…

Now you’re truly ready to enjoy a sensationally spooky Halloween! Check out our Halloween range and let us know how you’re celebrating by tagging #CherryzUK!

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