Winter is upon us, and the colder the weather gets, the more tempting it is to get cosy on your sofa and remain there until further notice, completing shopping online and catching up with friends over the phone. However, as we prepare for more time indoors, it’s important to avoid experiencing boredom in our everyday activities or finding ourselves despondent about our environment. Turn your home into a haven you’ll love spending time in, and make sure you’re stocked up with things to do – here are 5 ways to prep for more time indoors! 

Maintaining a safe space 

Although preferable to summer in many ways, a less positive aspect of the colder months approaching is the cold and flu season which is almost a guaranteed side-effect. Consequently, it’s time to build up your cleaning cupboard! Arm yourself against germs with a powerful disinfectant and some tough, reusable cleaning cloths. It’s also worth keeping stocked up on handy antibacterial wipes so that you can still give surfaces a once-over during busier days. 

Making a home a haven 

On top of keeping clean, make sure your living space provides both respite and relaxation. Create an environment that’s both welcoming and homely with a scented candle or reed diffuser, (or both!) to give your home a signature scent which will make it a pleasant place to be at all times. Switch things up by keeping an invigorating fragrance for the daytime (such as a fruity scent) and a calming fragrance for the evenings (such as lavender). Finish off the atmosphere with some twinkling fairy lights to provide a cosy glow. 

Stock up on cooking essentials

More time indoors means more home-cooked meals – the heartier the better! Make sure you have all the appropriate tools at your fingertips (with no last-minute shop runs), by kitting out your utensil draw. There’s no end to weird and wonderful cooking gadgets you can get your hands on, but almost all recipes will require items such as a cooking spoon, measuring jug and whisk.

Treating yourself and others

Don’t just use your new cooking tools for family meals! Home-baking can be a great way of providing yourself with some tasty treats without having to leave the house or splash the cash at shops and cafes, (and homemade goods are usually healthier too!). Plus, baking is an activity which the whole family can get involved with, so be sure to stock up on some easy to use cooking mix, demerara sugar for sweetening, and sweets for decoration

Providing at-home entertainment

One of the many benefits of spending more time indoors is that you can finally enjoy some quality family time – maybe too much! Keep things fun and interesting with some board games that everyone will enjoy! Please everyone with a traditional classic such as Ludo, or branch out with something more experimental, such as Zzzapper. And for the kids, a themed spin on an old favourite such as Frozen Monopoly is sure to go down a treat! 

We hope this post left you feeling ready to face the colder season! Let us know you’re favourite at-home activity by tagging #CherryzUK!

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