Whilst we hope ordering your groceries from Cherryz has saved you plenty of pennies already, we’re always looking for extra ways to help! That’s why we’re sharing our top tips on how to shop as savvy as possible! Here’s our 3-step plan to keep your big shop smart, simple and cost-efficient!  

1. Write your list

The secret to shopping savvier is preparation! Last-minute shop runs often happen when we realise we’ve forgotten to buy a crucial ingredient for a meal, or wake up and realise we have no milk for our morning coffee. While these may seem small, the cost can really start to add up! Having a small notebook on hand, or to do list can make a world of difference to your shopping habits. We also love having some sticky notes handy around the kitchen so you can easily scribble down items you notice are missing from your fridge or cupboards, ready for your next big shop!

2. Buy in bulk 

Buying in bulk can be very effective, especially in larger family homes that consume products quickly. Products with longer storage potential such as dry food, tins and packets are great for buying in bulk since they don’t need to be refrigerated. It can also be helpful with snacks and lunchbox fillers for kids, as well as for cleaning and laundry products. You can often find great deals on bulk buys, making it a more cost-effective way of shopping too!

3. Storage 

Once you’re stocked up, the next step is making sure your food goes as far as possible. Time to get creative with savvy storage ideas! Keep mealtime leftovers in freezer bags and keep a stash of bag clips handy for airtight storage. Place dry foods like cereal in sealable containers straight away to prevent staleness and unnecessary wastage, and always keep airtight storage tubs at the ready for anything from food scraps to fresh fruit and veg. Not only do these tactics have the added benefit of keeping leftover meals at your fingertips for when you’re cooking on a tight schedule, but they cut down on wastage to create a more eco-friendly household.

We hope this post has you feeling inspired and ready to start saving! Make sure to tag #CherryzUK and share any more helpful money-saving tips you might have of your own!

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