Our working environment has a huge impact on the work we produce, and a dull or messy desk can leave us feeling uninspired and unproductive. We’re going to show you how you can declutter, decorate and do-up your desk so that your mind will always be performing to its optimum potential! 

Step one: spring cleaning

Clear your desk of absolutely everything you’ve got on there. Not only do we need to start from scratch, but the area needs to be clean, germ-free, and smelling fresh. Grab a Minky cloth or two and a spray bottle of Zoflora solution (this will add an extra fragrant touch), and get to work removing the bacteria, dirty marks, and dust that are sure to have piled up. 

Step two: the bare necessities

Depending on whether your desk is strictly for work and study, or if you’re creating a sanctuary to practice your hobbies, there’s many different things you can get your hands on to ensure you’re never caught short of the essentials. 

If like so many of us you’re currently working from home, it’s important to keep stocked up on stationery. No desk is complete without some handy rollerball pens in different colours, or why not treat yourself to a themed stationery set? If your occupation errs more on the creative side, don’t forget some eraser-topped pencilsHighlighters are great for note-making and adding colour to your pen pot and can come in handy when revising, and if you are in the process of cramming for exams, a simple pack of studying cards will help those revision facts to sink in! Finally, keep all your stationery together with a handy pen pot, and finish off with some sticky tape, power tack and a set of punched pockets for filing and keeping paperwork organised.

If you’re going down the arts and crafts route, why not replace pens and pencils with some glitter glue and sparkly gel pens in varying colours? Then swap out stationery for some crafty bits and bobs to help you get creative! These can include sewing essentials, like needles, colourful thread and buttons, or a fun craft kit. Stich up your own vibrant creations with some knitting yarn of different colours, or get colourful with a themed paint set, and don’t forget some exciting embellishments which are sure to come in handy with all sorts of crafts. Finish off with a handy storage basket to avoid clutter.

Step three: finishing touches

Now that you’re properly kitted out, it’s time for the fun bit! Set the atmosphere with a scented candle (or two), these are perfect for creating a calming environment if you’re having a particularly busy day. A reed diffuser can also be used to give your workspace a signature scent, which is crucial for making it feel like it’s truly your own. Get sentimental with a photo frame to display special memories, and on the more practical side, don’t forget somewhere trendy to write your to-do list! An inspirational quote can also go a long way to boost motivation. Why not think of your own and write it on a whiteboard

Now you’ve got a desk that’s tidy, inspiriting, and as unique as you are! Show us your own desk transformations by tagging #CherryzUK! 

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