Any domestic god or goddess will be all too familiar with the chapped hands and aching arms from scrubbing stubborn stains. When it comes to certain seemingly irreversible spills and smudges, you probably think you’ve tried it all.

Think again! This week, we introduce you to The Pink Stuff paste. This cleaning paste has caused quite the stir in the cleaning community, and for good reason. Even Mrs. Hinch approves!

How do I use The Pink Stuff?

Whilst it has a countless array of uses all around your home, we have a few choice favourites that we’d like to share with you. So, without further ado, here are our top tips on how to use The Pink Stuff!


When it comes to your oven, you probably thought that all that baked-on grease, food, and goodness knows what else is there to stay. Simply spread a layer of The Pink Stuff, grab your trusty Minky pad (or any non-scratch scrubber) and rub gently in a circular motion. Leave for up to 10 minutes, depending on how dirty your oven is, and then grab a damp cloth and gently wipe off. Simply wipe dry with a cloth and then wave goodbye to any evidence that your oven has been used. Trust us, you won’t believe your eyes!

Glass surfaces

Achieve glass which gleams! If you’re anything like us, nothing will drive you insane quite like shower doors which, no matter how many litres of window cleaner you use, seem to hang on to watermarks for dear life. However, by simply spreading a layer of The Pink stuff over the offending surface and repeating the same steps for the oven, you’ll wipe clean to glass that’s crystal clear! 

Pots and Pans

Nothing gets subjected to the old wear and tear quite like our kitchen utensils. It’s no surprise that after a few too many scorched scrambled eggs, over-cooked soups and layers of burnt-on fat, our pans can begin to look a little dubious. However, grease and grime is no match for this staunch cleaning sensation!

In just a few minutes, The Pink Stuff can have your pots and pans as spick and span as when you first purchased them. All you need to do is spread the paste onto the bottom of the pan, scrub gently in a circular motion with a scourer, and leave for a few minutes. Rinse out your scourer and use it to remove any residue, then dry it with a clean cloth.

Trainers and shoes

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how can you use The Pink Stuff on trainers, here’s your answer! If your once bright-white trainers are looking a little down in the dumps, the good news is that all you need is The Pink Stuff and an old toothbrush to return them to their former glory! The hard bit is getting them to stay that way. It’s as simple as it sounds, just repeat the same steps for the above utensils but use a toothbrush instead of a scrubber!


Is your hob looking a little sorry for itself? Are the remnants of last week’s casserole still staring at you while you cook? Nobody enjoys cooking off a dirty hob but luckily for you, The Pink Stuff paste is a pro at cleaning all things stainless steel.

Spread on a layer, grab your handy sponge or scrubber (this one from Scrub Daddy is a great choice) and gently scrub away the stains in a circular motion. Once done, take the same cloth, dampen with water, and wipe away any residue. Trust us, you won’t believe how easily even the toughest of stains come off! Just be sure to use a non-scratch product when scrubbing so you don’t damage the surface.


Everyone loves getting the barbecue out on a hot summer’s day, but no one wants to grill off a dirty one! Thankfully The Pink Stuff paste is a master at banishing stubborn grease residue and rust.

To effectively clean your barbecue, you’ll need to remove any old coals and rinse with water. Once you’ve done this, apply an even layer with a scourer, leave for 5 minutes, then scrub in circular motions. To finish off, simply rinse with cold water!

What other products do The Pink Stuff do?

While The Pink Stuff paste is arguably the most coveted product within the range, there are more miracle products you should definitely know about.

Laundry oxi powder stain remover for whites

We’ll never understand why white clothes seem to be a magnet for stubborn stains and food residue, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be restored to their former glory. Just a dash of this oxi powder stain remover will answer all your cleaning woes, not to mention leave them with the classic The Pink Stuff fragrance.

Toilet cleaner

Next up, the miracle toilet cleaner. In other words, the only cleaning product your loo will ever need! A firm favourite among cleaning and Mrs Hinch fans, this should definitely be on your radar if you love The Pink Stuff paste.

Cream cleaner

If powders and pastes aren’t your thing, perhaps a cream cleaner is more your style. The Pink Stuff cream cleaner is second to none, but don’t just take our word for it!

Oxi stain remover spray

Ever wondered “can you use The Pink Stuff on clothes”? While The Pink Stuff paste is exclusively for appliances in and around your household, the oxi stain remover spray can be used on those tough clothing and carpet stains!

Disinfectant cleaner

If there is one thing a cleaning aficionado’s home cannot go without, it’s some trusty disinfectant. The Pink Stuff disinfectant spray is the perfect partner to those everyday cleaning tasks and a worthy member of The Pink Stuff range.

Bathroom cleaner

Last but not least, we have The Pink Stuff bathroom foam cleaner. Akin to the other products in the range, this cleaner is a master at leaving your home sparkling clean with minimal effort. What’s not to love!

Do you love The Pink Stuff as much as we do? Find all the above The Pink Stuff products online at Cherryz and let us know what helpful hacks you discover with these housework wonders. Don’t forget to tag #CherryzUk!

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