There’s much more to life than housework, especially when you have a family and a busy work or social calendar! Unfortunately, it’s a necessary part of maintaining a relaxing and safe home environment, as well as a good quality of life! Whilst chores are never going to be fun, they’re about to get a lot easier thanks to Cherryz and YouTuber and mum of two Emma Rumble! In a video for her youtube channel, she informs us about how she uses Cherryz products to maintain a clean, tidy, and safe home environment, all whilst juggling kids and a busy schedule!

Keep it short but frequent

I’m sure we speak for most of us when we say we tend to set one day in the week aside for housework, usually Sunday! This leads to us dreading Sunday morning for days to come, and going to bed the night before knowing that the next day is full of dusting, vacuuming, polishing, and not much else. That means no time for friends, family, or any ‘me’ time in between. In her video, amongst many helpful tips and tricks, Emma advises against this tactic and instead encourages completing short but frequent tasks throughout the day.

She advises keeping one handy basket for each room, full of all the things you’ll need for a 2-minute dusting session in between emails, or a quick spritz with some cleaning spray after getting the kids ready for school. Using this method, all your cleaning products will be right at your fingertips, with no rooting through cupboards or trailing up and down the stairs. 

Once you’ve picked up some storage baskets, here’s what to keep in each one:


Since the kitchen is where the cooking happens, the trickiest task most likely comes in the form of burnt-on food and grease. Luckily, Elbow Grease make an all-purpose degreaser ideal for this task, as well as a tough scrubbing pad that’s sure to have cooking appliances and utensils looking good as new! A bottle of Zoflora can be used to tackle the surfaces, the floor, and so much more (we’ve a whole other post about its variety of uses), and some stainless steel wipes will give a streak-free shine to your kettle, toaster, and even the bin! Speaking of the bin, make sure your kitchen cleaning basket is always stocked with a roll of durable refuse sacks


Since bathroom cleaning requires some harsher chemicals (and presents some of the dirtiest cleaning jobs), the first thing you’ll need for this room is a pair of protective rubber gloves. Then get to work removing limescale with ease using some limescale eradicating spray and a bathroom sponge.

If your shower door and mirrors have begun to take on that foggy quality as a result of watermarks and steaming, give them a once-over as frequently as you can with some glass cleaning cloths and cleaner. Then put some bleach down the toilet and keep it fresh with a toilet block, which will help keep your toilet clean flush after flush without having to clean it so frequently. 

Living Room 

Since the living room is where the whole family comes to relax, it can be a hotspot for germs. We may not even realise it, but items such as remote controls are handled frequently and by everyone. Have some antibacterial wipes at the ready for frequent wiping down, creating a safer environment for your family. And don’t stop there – this is useful for game controls, light switches, door handles and more! If like Emma you have blinds in your living room, there’s a good chance they’re big collectors of dust and are tricky to clean. Luckily, having a blind cleaner to hand makes it a 2-minute job! Removing dust from the coffee table, shelves, and window sills can also be tackled in 30 seconds flat when you have a microfibre duster to hand, complete with extendable handle for those hard-to-reach places! 


The vast majority of bedroom mess is made by clothing, so for clothes which rarely see the light of day, yet aren’t ready for the charity shop just yet, It’s worth having a couple of scented vacuum bags to hand for your wardrobe, then keep frequently worn clothes fresh with a hanging wardrobe dehumidifier. Carpets also are notorious harborers of musty smells, so a carpet deodoriser is a must for any room with this kind of flooring. Finally, keep a scented candle or two in the bedroom basket to keep the area smelling fresh and to add a cosy atmosphere! 

Get ready for an effortlessly clean home!

Check out Emma’s video to discover all of her tip and tricks which will turn you into a domestic guru! Let us know what Cherryz products you use to keep on top of housework by tagging #CherryzUk!

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