Whether you’re starting your kitchen from scratch, straight out of university, or have been cooking a while and want to see if there’s any kitchen essentials you’ve missed, here’s a list to help you out. From cookware to small appliances, to prep stuff and measuring tools, these staples will be used in everyday cooking.

Cookware and bakeware essentials

Knife set

A sharp set of knives are essential to creating a tasty meal at home. Once you invest in a good knife for your kitchen, you’ll regret having lived with dull knives for so long! We recommend a Chef’s knife, Santoku knife, pairing knife, and bread knife to cover all your chopping, slicing, and dicing jobs!

Non-stick frying pan

Anything non-stick is a no brainer, especially if you don’t fancy intensely scrubbing your pan after a fry-up. It also means you don’t have to use as much oil, making it a healthier option too!

Non-stick saucepan

The same goes for a saucepan! You can wave goodbye to constantly stirring your pasta and get on with prepping the rest of your food.

Non-stick tray

Finishing off our non-stick must-haves, we have a non-stick tray. Whether roasting veggies, potatoes, or some baked goods, a non-stick tray will prevent half your food getting stuck on the tray!

Glass baking dish

A must for those who love to whip-up a fuss-free casserole, cottage pie, or lasagna, a glass baking tray is undoubtedly a kitchen essential. We recommend a Pyrex one that is much more versatile and long-lasting!


If you’re big into baking or simply love some scrambled eggs on toast in the morning, a whisk should be top of your kitchen essentials list. You could always use a fork but just watch out for an achy arm!


You can’t go wrong with a tong in your kit! These are great for easily turning chicken breasts, serving salad, and carrying out many other everyday cooking jobs.

Tableware must-haves

Wine glasses

Whether you drink wine or not, having a matching set of wine glasses is a must. Family and friends at parties or gatherings may fancy a tipple and you don’t want to be caught short!

Simple glasses

Every occasion from family dinners to gatherings will require simple glasses of some description. Getting a matching collection instantly makes your home look more put-together, and would make a great housewarming gift!


You may think you can coast through life without these but trust us, coasters do come in handy! Watermarks and coffee stains are everyday occurrences and simply placing your mug on a coaster will make clean-up duties that little bit easier. Plus they look cute too!


Any lover of a hot brew can vouch for the importance of a good, solid mug. Get a matching set for when guests are over and have a cute personalised one for each family member to enjoy their favourite cuppa from!

Matching cutlery set

If you’re a new homer, a matching cutlery set is a kitchen essentials must-have! Housewarming gatherings and dinner parties will look automatically more chic and sophisticated if everyone has the same ones! The same goes for plates and bowls.


So, you’ve just splashed out on a gorgeous new dining table…now ensure you keep it looking as good as new with a handy placemat. Pick one that suits your aesthetic and place hot dishes and plates down in complete peace of mind!

Kitchen cleaning products

Scrub Daddy

We may be slightly biased when it comes to Scrub Daddy, but trust us this all-round cleaning sensation will save you a ton of time in the washing up department. Even if you’re blessed enough to have a dishwasher, some greasy pans and trays require a little more elbow grease…step in Scrub Daddy! Pair with your go-to washing up liquid or use by itself, up to you.

The Pink Stuff paste

It’s no secret this miracle paste has a variety of cleaning uses. From banishing grease and rust from your ovens to giving your pots and pans a new lease of life, you’ll be thankful to have this in your kitchen cupboard once cleaning day rolls around! For more handy ways on how best to use this around your home, check out our top tips for using The Pink Stuff.

All-purpose kitchen spray

For a quick cleaning fix, it doesn’t get easier than a spray. Perfect for spritzing down your dining table after a meal, you’ll get plenty of use out of this!

Sponge cloths

Spillages are an inevitable part of life, especially in the kitchen and while kitchen roll is a solution, some reusable sponge cloths are definitely the way to go. Super absorbent and also great for using alongside your kitchen spray, these can be used anywhere in your home making them a worthy contender on this kitchen essentials list.

Kitchen storage ideas

Dry food container

Whether you choose to use it as a cereal container, dry food dispenser or just to keep your cupboards organised, a dry food container is a must for any modern kitchen. Fill it up with cereal, pasta, rice, oats or your favourite dry foods and make meal times as easy and mess-free as possible.

Fridge basket

If you’re a fan of a good ol’ weekly shop to save some pennies, fridge storage is a necessity. An extendable fridge basket creates a handy extra shelf without taking up your fridge space. Perfect for storing your veggies and other foodie tidbits!

Food containers

Leftovers are often an inevitable part of cooking, especially with pasta where you always seem to make too much! Don’t let your food go to waste and nab some handy food containers to store it away. These are great for those who love to meal-prep too!

Storage jars

For the modern homeowner, pretty and practical storage solutions are a kitchen essential. Whether storing your tea bags, coffee pods, or biscuits, a glass jar creates much-needed cupboard space and looks good too!

Food prep essentials


Veggies, pasta, and rice are a core part of a lot of your weekly meal. A colander gives you a hassle free way to drain the water without creating any mess, spillages, or losing any of your food in the sink!

Mixing bowl

A good set of mixing bowls will come in handy as well.  You’ll find yourself in need of a small or large mixing bowl more often than not, especially when whipping up some delicious baked goods!


Calling all potato-heads! Make your famous mash the easy way with a peeler. There are difference variations depending on what is more ergonomic for you, but there is no denying this is a staple in your utensil drawer!

Chopping board

Having two cutting boards is a must – a plastic and a wooden.  A wooden board is great for for chopping fruits and veggies and a plastic for slicing meats.  Nab yourself a bamboo one if you want to safely chuck it in the dishwasher instead of manually scrubbing.

Measuring spoons

Love getting creative in the kitchen? Whether baking your famous chocolate cake or whipping up a delicious stew, a set of measuring spoons are the quick and easy way to ensure ingredients are measured to perfection for best cooking results!

Measuring jug

From pouring out the perfect amount of water for your stock, or scooping flour, a measuring jug has a multitude of uses.

Food grater and container

Okay, so this may not be a kitchen essential but is sure to make your life a bit easier in the food prep department. From grating cheese to chopping onions, a food grater with an attached container keeps your countertops tidier while saving you time.

Best kitchen appliances


If you love making your own soups, salsas, and dressings, a blender is a true kitchen staple. The list of things you can make simply goes on and on, making it a must for any keen chef.


Your standard stand-mixer will do everything from shredding your chicken, to mixing your cookies and kneading your dough. They usually come with a fun assortment of attachments so pretty much any kitchen necessity is covered. Great for those who love to cook but dread prep time!

Air fryer

Ask anyone who has an air fryer and you’ll find out within seconds just how much they love it, and for good reason too! It eliminates the need for oil and saves you time on cooking things like chips that normally take a while in the oven. A real investment piece for those who love their food with a little extra crisp!

Slow cooker

Love great tasting food but always find yourself short on time? A slow cooker allows you to chuck all your ingredients in before work so you can come home to a practically finished delicious meal. Not to mention, it also uses less electricity than an oven so saves you precious pennies on your bills!

Water purifier

Sometimes tap water just doesn’t taste right. Instead of investing loads of time and money in removing limescale and cleaning up your pipes, simply let a water filter jug do all the work. Pop some water in in the morning and come home to deliciously fresh and clean tasting water, free from pesky impurities!

Now you know exactly what you need to give your kitchen the ultimate upgrade, check out our range of dining and kitchen essentials. Whether you’re after a small appliance or two to make your life easier, or just fancy sprucing up your tableware, your home will be running smoothly in no time.