It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’s feasts, family time, and loads of festive fun to be had. However, with cost of living increases taking over our day to day lives, it’s no wonder you may be feeling the Christmas strain a little more than usual. Contrary to what you may believe, there are plenty of easy ways to save money on your everyday living expenses that won’t see you compromising on your favourite festive foods and family gift-giving traditions. Take a look at our top 10 money saving tips to save your precious Christmas pennies!

Layer up on blankets

Layering up on cosy throws and blankets is a great place to start. Placing a warming fluffy throw on top of your duvet while you sleep or having some on hand in your living room will pay dividends in the long-run when it comes to saving on your energy bill. Moreover, they’re fitting for every season! Style them up in the summer and cosy up with them in winter. The perfect investment piece!

Swap big brands for discount brands

Step into the world of discount brands and cut your grocery bills by 30% on everything from your food to your cosmetics! John Place, Head of Buying at Cherryz states, “we strive to stock a comprehensive range of discounter brands such as Astonish, Fabulosa, and The Pink Stuff, as well as market leading brands, to help people cut costs without sacrificing on the quality of their everyday household, cleaning, and grocery essentials.”

Branch out from big supermarkets

When it comes to money saving tips for Christmas, expanding your shopping horizons is a great option. Try exploring smaller, online retailers instead of your usual big supermarkets. The best part? You can still expect your favourite brands, you just won’t have the hefty price tag to deal with.

Shop multipacks & bundle deals

If in doubt, bulk buy it out! Larger families would do well to look out for multipacks as these are nearly always cheaper than buying individually, meaning you can all stay full for less. Many places also offer bundles on gift sets and gift wrapping in the run up to Christmas so make sure you keep an eye out to get the most bang for you buck!

Bag exclusive app offers

You know those 20% off pop-ups that grace your screen whenever you head somewhere new online? Start making the most of those! Your favourite high street and online shops most likely have an app too and these are great at offering you exclusive discounts and coupons whether you’re a new shopper or a regular customer. Great days to grab an app-exclusive Christmas bargain include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Super Saturday. Shopping online means you save money on fuel costs and checkout impulse buys too! 

Stock up on cheap tupperware

Being thrifty with your leftovers is one of the easiest money saving tips around. Nab yourself some cheap tupperware and ensure everything from your homemade lasagne to your Christmas day feast don’t go to waste. This may seem like an obvious point but a staggering seven million tonnes of food ends up in the bin each Christmas in the UK! Let’s make that number a little smaller this year shall we?

Make a gifting list & stick to it

Make a list and check it twice! After all, if it works for Santa, it should work for you too. When you go off the list, you overspend. Of course it’s okay to add in a friend you may have forgotten, but try to resist getting swept up in the Christmas spirit and buying every festive tidbit you find for every person you’ve ever met. Set your budget straight and you’re good to go.

Don’t stray off the shopping list

The same goes for shopping lists. It’s far too easy to reach the checkout with a few more sweet treats and snowflake-themed items than you bargained for. Before you know it, you’ve spent £20 more than necessary and there’s nothing thrifty about that! Stick to your list and you’ll stay within budget.

Bake your own treats

Now we’re not saying you can’t treat yourself to your favourite festive food bits. Baking your own treats is a great way to not just save money but also get some much needed family bonding time in. After all, they say food tastes better when you make it yourself and what’s more you can eat yours smug in the knowledge your bank balance is happy too. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Buy next year’s gifts in Boxing Day sales

Last but by no means least, there’s definitely something to be said for buying next year’s gifts in those lovely Boxing Day sales. Retailers tend to make huge reductions after the holidays so shop savvy and nab yourself a bargain to save yourself even more money on the next Christmas!

We hope now you’ve read our top 10 money saving tips that you’re feeling less stressed about the upcoming Christmas holiday. Just remember that being smart with your money doesn’t mean scrimping on your festive favourites. Even something as simple as nabbing a delightfully fluffy throw or switching to those discount brands could save you money. Here’s to a merry Christmas and a savvy New Year!