Happy New Year! 2020 has undeniably thrown some curveballs our way, which is why we’re ensuring we step into 2021 looking and feeling our best, with plenty of things to look forward to.

Find inspiration with this list of ways to give your life a boost, allowing you to start achieving your New Year goals with ease, as well as to get the very most out of all the exciting things you’ll be doing this year! 

Setting Goals 

Make sure you’re going into the new year with plenty of resolutions! It’s important to aim high, but it’s also helpful to break bigger goals down into a series of smaller, month-by-month objectives, to keep you on the right track. A magnetic whiteboard on your bedroom wall full of goals and manifestations will keep you waking up with a positive and productive mindset, plus is a way to keep your targets flexible, as you can wipe and re-write them as often as you like. A notebook can also come in handy when keeping track of goals, or can be a place to express your thoughts and feelings for reflection later on. Work towards your health-related goals with a handy magnetic shopping list to keep you filling your fridge with healthy food and drink, plus a fitness tracker for at-home workouts or outdoor running. 

Eating Healthy 

The better stocked you are with healthy snacks and easy, nutritious meal bases, the less tempting it will be to order a not-so-healthy takeaway or do a last-minute shop run. Making sure you have simple options for breakfast lunch and dinner will mean achieving your fitness goals is that little bit easier. For breakfast choose a healthy cereal, or alternatively, some snack bars if you’re running on a tight schedule! For lunchtimes, tins of soup provide both a quick and healthy option and can be enjoyed on-the-go with the help of a microwavable dish. Then, keep evening meals healthy but still tasty with some natural ways to add flavour such as paprika and chicken seasoning

If you’re still looking for ways to make sure you take in all the nutrients you need, why not invest in some supplement tablets and a handy pill organiser


Once you’ve ensured you’re feeling good on the inside, it’s time to take care of your body and skin! Why not grab a handy storage basket and fill it with pampering goodies for days when you need a pick-me-up? Cold weather can play havoc with our skin, so make sure you use a lotion such as Dove Nourishing Care after each time you shower, to avoid the problems caused by dryness. Get some beauty sleep with Dove Derma Spa, so that you can enjoy every morning feeling your very best.

We hope this list got you feeling ready to take on the New Year! Let us know what some of your 2021 resolutions are by tagging #CherryzUK

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