Summer is just around the corner, and whilst some of us are lucky enough to be headed off to sunnier spots with sandy beaches, there’s no reason why we can’t make the most of our very own home. At Cherryz, we’re always prepared for the moment clear skies and high temperatures roll around!

We’re going to show you how you can transform your outdoor space into a perfect paradise for barbecues and garden parties. 

Time to spruce up!

First impressions may be tough, but ornaments and decorations are a great way to nail them. There’s garden decor to suit every kind of outdoor space, and ensure that your guests will be thoroughly wowed the moment they walk out of your back door. 

Bring some light to the situation

Solar lights are a great way to light up your garden the eco-friendly way! Guests will love the way they gradually illuminate your garden as the sun sets, plus, with this kind of lighting, there’s no need for plugs, switches, or bulky wires cluttering your path!

Keep the bugs at bay

No one enjoys an evening getting covered in mosquito bites, and a swarm of pesky insects are sure to dampen the mood of any party. However, simply light a citronella candle or two, and there’ll be no pests to cramp your style! Not only are these candles naturally insect repellent, but they release pleasant fragrance and bathe guests in a warm, cosy glow.

Bring your personality

Let your guests step into a garden that’s as unique as you are. Fancy adding a mysterious touch? Miniature magical ornaments such as Fairy Garden statues and model houses are great for suggesting there’s more than meets the eye to your outdoor space! If you’re the sentimental type, be sure to welcome your guests with a plaque bearing a positive message. Alternatively, a classy and refined look can be achieved with a simple vintage-style planter, wall hanging, or peg basket

Serving in style 

Providing refreshments for larger numbers of guests can often mean splashing out on tableware. But a selection of paper cups and plates in different sizes can ensure everyone is taken care of at a reasonable price, and allow you to choose your own theme such as tropical or watermelon. Consider bringing an authentic touch with diner-style burger boxes, fries holders, and hot dog trays. Plus, don’t forget to protect surfaces with a pretty tablecloth!

Yes Chef!

Run an organised outdoor kitchen by getting your hands on nifty barbecue products. Tools such as skewers and tongues are a must when it comes to safe and hygienic serving! Plus, don’t forget a handy 3-in-1 barbecue cleaning tool to make for easy cleaning when the fun’s over.

Your entertainment for the evening

No garden party is complete without some fun! Whether you’ve little ones running around or the occasion is strictly adults-only, it’s important to have activities to keep the whole family entertained all day (and night) long! 

Summer Loving

For the kids

If you don’t mind getting drenched, enjoy a duel with water pistols or a pack of water balloons! If you’d prefer to stay dry, there are hours of fun to be had with ball games and bubble blowers.

For the adults

Nothing livens up a party quite like a drinking game or two, and a game such as Gin Fling is sure to get everyone well acquainted. Encourage guests to bond through teamwork by introducing a battle of the sexes, or if you’ve already a bunch of daredevils on your hands, a game with extra challenges involved will keep everyone on their toes.

You’re all set! Head over to the Cherryz Summer range and let us know how you’ve been having fun in the sun. Be sure to tag #CherryzUK to share how you and your guests have made the most of our summer products! 

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