It’s been a long time coming, but summer finally feels like summer again! We’ve been enjoying high temperatures and blue skies, and better yet, we’ve got the opportunity to go on holiday! 

At Cherryz, we love helping people have fun, but safety always comes first, and this year, we know it’s more important than ever to enjoy the safest of travels. 

Helping you stay travel-savvy

We’ve curated this list of travel essentials with all the usual bits and bobs like sunscreen and toiletry bags, as well as a couple of PPE extras you’ll need to add to your packing list this year! 

Malibu Sun Lotion Spray 

We can only hope that wherever you’re headed it’s going to be a scorcher! Spending hours in the sun is our idea of paradise, however, sunburn can leave us feeling not so hot! If you’re lucky enough be catching some rays at the beach or by the pool, avoid regret with a bottle of sun cream, and make sure you choose the right SPF!

Clear Travel Bottles 

Holidays are a blast, but before we can jet off and enjoy ourselves, we have to clear airport security! Debating the best way to transport all your toiletries from A to B? Don’t splash out on a whole new range of mini-toiletry essentials! We recommend a handy bag of empty 100ml bottles into which you can easily squeeze all of your shower gels, lotions, and serums, and which all comply with airport security restrictions! Now you can concentrate on the really important things – like whether your first poolside drink will be a margarita or a mojito!

Passport Cover 

Losing your passport whilst on holiday is the stuff of nightmares, so ensure you can identify yours quickly and easily with an eye-catching passport cover! Not only does it cut down the risk of you misplacing your passport, but it has the added benefit of looking much trendier!

Travel Neck Pillow 

If you’ve nabbed a flight that’s in the wee hours of the morning, it usually means you’re in with a bargain. Unfortunately, it also means you’re probably going to be short on sleep. No one wants to arrive on holiday feeling tired or lethargic, so grab a sneaky snooze on your flight with a neck pillow! You’ll arrive on holiday ready to take on the day and get the most out of your chosen destination. 

Pocket Fan with Travel Cover

Modes of transport are a necessary, and often a frequent, part of any holiday. No one enjoys this part of your trip, however, it can be even less enjoyable when it’s hot and humid outside, or when your bus, train, or plane is particularly busy and cramped. Cool off with a handy pocket fan, and don’t forget to grab one that’s complete with travel cover! 

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser 

There’s nothing better on holiday than enjoying a nice meal in a restaurant or some drinks at the bar. Unfortunately, public spaces are usually hotspots for germs. Maintain hygiene and avoid infection wherever you go by keeping a pocket-size bottle of antibacterial hand sanitiser with you at all times, ready to whip out whenever you need it.

Reusable Face Mask 

Not only are face coverings now required on many modes of transport, they’re also an essential part of protecting those you’ll come into contact with when you’re out and about exploring your chosen holiday destination. A reusable one is an efficient and eco-friendly way to comply with travel rules and keep others safe. 

Reusable Stretchable Spandex Face Mask

Bon Voyage! Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything by checking out our Travel range, which has all sorts of bits and bobs for making your journey safer and simpler! Let us know where you’re jetting off to by tagging  #CherryzUK! 

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