September has crept up on us all, and for many, this means back-to-school! However, for thousands of young adults across the country, it means moving away from home and getting ready to dip their toes into adulthood!  

Whether you’re returning to campus or you’re about to fly the nest for the very first time, we understand that along with the prospect of newfound freedom, comes the daunting reality of tackling tricky adulthood tasks. That’s why you’ve got to have those university essentials on lock.

To settle those nerves and make the experience as fun as possible, we’ve compiled this helpful list of university essentials for you to get your hands on. Perhaps those phone calls home to ask how to clean a sink or cook a meal will become slightly less frequent. Without further ado, here is everything you’ll need for university, in three easy sections.

Cooking essentials

What’s the best way to make friends with your housemates? Offer them a cup of tea, of course! Remember to choose a mug that’s as unique as you are, plus some biscuits to dip in! Better yet, why not treat yourself to a toastie to go with your cuppa? When it comes to dinnertime, we all know we’ll never be able to recreate the magic of mum’s home-cooked meals. However, having a well-stocked food cupboard is a surefire way to keep the homesickness at bay. Whip up an array of easy comfort meals with pasta, an absolute university essential. We recommend Pesto pasta or this tasty Tomato and Mushroom sauce from Loyd Grossman. Alternatively, bring the taste of your favourite eatery right to your uni halls (without splashing loads of cash on a takeaway.) Enchiladas are always a crowdpleaser, and this kit serves four so your mates can join in on the action too!

Make sure you aren’t skipping out on breakfast! The most important meal of the day for a reason, you need to make sure your brain is in gear for those dreaded 9 am lectures. Cereal and porridge are quick and tasty ways to kickstart your day, plus they’re easy on the old bank account too.

Top Tip: For mornings where you’ve snoozed the alarm one too many times, make sure you have a handy container for an on-the-go breakfast.

Last but not least, no one likes wasting food, especially on a budget. Ensure you’ve always got something to store your leftovers in such as freezer bags and airtight containers. 

Cleaning essentials

Time to realise how much work mum and dad really put into keeping your house spick and span! Chores are never going to be fun, but they can be made a little easier with the right products. You’ll discover that mess accumulates super quickly so ensure you’re armed with a roll of durable refuse sacks. Keep those pesky germs at bay with this versatile, multi-purpose cleaner and some antibacterial wipes. After you’ve finished cleaning your space, a room diffuser is the perfect way to keep everything smelling fresh.

To keep those dirty dishes from piling up, make sure you have some sponges and liquid, or perhaps even a nifty sponge with fillable handle. Last but not least, no cleaning cupboard is complete without a bottle of Zoflora, which has the added benefit of making whatever room you use it in smell simply delightful! 

Cleaning up with Cherryz Spotify Playlist

Cleaning supplies from Cherryz at the ready? Check! Turn up the volume to our favourite cleaning tunes. Your house work made easy.

Spray, wipe, repeat: Get it done with our spring cleaning playlist.

How to stay organised

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and play is an essential part of university life. Revamp your organisational skills with a brand new set of stationery. Guaranteed to have you feeling ready to take on lectures, essays, and those long hours in the library.

We recommend having a ring binder for each of your modules and a notebook to help you stay your most organised. On top of the usual pens, some colourful highlighters are ideal for making sure those lecture notes really sink in. Pop them in a cute pencil case and you’re good to go!

Outside of your studies, make sure your shelves are always fully stocked with a weekly shopping list. Grab a magnetic one to stick to your fridge. This way you can add things as you go, then tear off when it’s time for the big shop. This will help you avoid having to make lots of small trips for milk and loo roll.

You’re all set!

We hope this list made you feel a little more prepared to take on adult life! Don’t forget to sign up for 20% off your first order with Cherryz’ student discount, and let us know what part of uni life you’re most looking forward to by tagging  #CherryzUK

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