It’s the most wonderful time of year! Every family has a unique way to enjoy Christmas time, but no matter what your celebrations look like this year, this handy list will help you get your hands on all the staples of a jolly holiday season that’s full of festive cheer! These are some of our favourite winter products! 


Everyone knows the most important part of festive decor is a Christmas tree! You can decorate this centrepiece of holiday cheer with all sorts of things, but baubles are a must-have! With so many styles and colours, you really can’t go wrong! 

After you’ve decked the halls indoors, what about letting neighbours and passers-by know your house is truly ready for holiday celebrations? Some handy window lights which stick easily to your window and create an eye-catching display are guaranteed to get any home looking ready for Christmas both inside and out, spreading festive cheer far and wide! 

Christmas is even more magical when you’re young, so if you’ve got little ones running about, keep the magic alive with some jokey Naughty Elves decorations like signs. These are sure to show there’s more than meets the eye to your home and add a playful touch that children will love! 

Winter Pamper

There’s nothing like sinking into a hot bath after a day out in the cold. Complete the experience with a festive bath bomb, which is sure to care for skin and get you in the mood for festive celebrations with its seasonal aroma. They also make great Christmas gifts if you’re struggling for ideas!

A downside of Christmastime is the way the colder weather can play havoc with our skin. No one wants to spend the festive period driven crazy by tightness, itching, or even flaking, so after your bath, ensure you smooth some protective and restoring body lotion over your whole body, to lock in essential moisture and keep you feeling smooth and healthy no matter what the weather. 

Whether you’re a beauty guru or you prefer a natural look, there’s no better excuse to get glammed up than a Christmas party! Make sure you’re looking your best with a makeup palette which includes a wide range of colours to create a unique makeup look which will wow relatives and friends. 

Stocking Fillers

The best gifts often come in the smallest packages, which is why a full stocking is one of the most exciting sights to wake up to on Christmas morning. Treat family members with small but thoughtful gifts such as an eau de toilette to ensure they’re always feeling their best when they get ready to go out. Alternatively, if they’re the house-proud sort, a candle is sure to be deeply appreciated, and will make them think of you every time they light it!

We all have someone in our family with a sweet tooth, and what better way to complete their stocking than with some chocolate or sweets? To add a touch of luxury, why not treat them to some extra indulgent chocolate liqueurs, it is Christmas after all! 

Christmas Celebrations 

Be the star of the dinner table when you pop on a festive accessory like a glittery Santa hat! This is sure to bring some amusement to the table and get everyone in the mood for their Christmas lunch.

Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without cheesy jokes, Christmas hats and surprise mini gifts hidden inside Christmas crackers! Make sure you complete your Christmas spread with these fun decorations, the perfect way to begin your meal. 

And since there’s bound to be some spills on brandy sauce and cranberry jam, make sure your dining table is protected with some novelty placemats and coasters with a festive theme! Guests will love seeing the extra effort that has gone into your Christmas dinner plans!

Now you’re truly ready to begin your festive celebrations! Be sure to check out our whole Christmas range and let us know how you’re celebrating by tagging #CherryzUK!

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