Zoflora disinfectant is a Cherryz all-time favourite, both with us and our customers. And it’s no wonder, considering it’s one of the main cleaning products which Mrs. Hinch herself uses to achieve her famously immaculate home! Here are our top 12 Zoflora uses as well as tips and tricks to help you take your cleaning to the next level.

How To Use Zoflora

Before we dive into the many hacks, let’s quickly recap how to use Zoflora for general use around your home. While most of the uses below involve using Zoflora neat, the most common way to use it is for disinfecting your surfaces. Simply dilute it in water at a ratio of 1 in 40 and you’re good to go!

Zoflora Kitchen Uses

Some of the most well-known Zoflora uses take place in your kitchen. While commonly used to disinfect surfaces and food covered floors, there are also other nifty tricks you should know about.

Freshen Up Your Kitchen Sink

The kitchen is perhaps the most mess-prone room in the home, especially if you have kids. Did you know one of the most common Zoflora uses is for kitchen surfaces? We’ve a 3-in-1 trick up our sleeves you might not have come across. Just mix a couple of drops of Zoflora disinfectant with warm water in your kitchen basin and leave overnight. Wake up both to a sparkling clean sink as well as a lasting fragrance which boosts your mood as you make your breakfast.

No More Stale Bin Odours

Stinky bins getting you down? Don’t spend your precious pennies on buying a new one. Simply soak a kitchen cloth or two in your Zoflora disinfectant of choice and place in the bottom of your bin. Stale food odours will be a thing of the past and you can enjoy unbeatable freshness no matter what you chuck in!

Give Dirty Dishcloths A Refresh

Dishcloths are a kitchen necessity! From cleaning up spillages to drying up plates, they really get put through their paces. With this in mind, it’s no wonder they. might start to get a bit smelly. While putting them through the clothes washer might leave them cleaner, our nifty Zoflora trick will have them smelling divine. Just like with the above tip, pop used dishcloths into a mix of Zoflora and warm water in your sink and come morning, they’ll be as good as new!

Bathroom Zoflora Uses

Everybody enjoys a fresh and fragrant bathroom. Here are some tips and tricks using your trusty Zoflora disinfectant that will really give your bathroom the wow-factor!

Achieve A Germ-Free Toilet

We all know it’s the toilet which presents one of the trickiest (and most hated) cleaning jobs in the whole home! Similar to the kitchen we’ve another Zoflora disinfectant hack, this time for your loo! Simply leave neat Zoflora, along with your toilet brush in your toilet bowl, and whilst you enjoy a good night’s sleep, Zoflora will do all the work. Come morning, both your toilet and the brush will be free of germs with no hands-on scrubbing required.

Clean Out Those Pipes

This tip is for those who love walking into their bathroom and being greeted by a beautiful fragrance. Add one capful of Zoflora down the plug hole in your bathroom sink. Then follow with some warm water to clean any pipes and release a lovely long-lasting fragrance to fill your whole bathroom with.

Zoflora Uses For Your Living Room

From giving your worn out sofas a new lease of life to sprucing up your movie nights, here’s how Zoflora can give your living room an upgrade.

Enjoy Fab Smelling Furniture

Your sofa may be comfy and inviting, but does it have its own signature scent? It does now! Soak an un-fragranced tumble dryer sheet in neat Zoflora disinfectant, wait for it to dry, and insert inside one of your cushion covers. Your guests will be left wondering what your secret is. 

Make A Zoflora Reed Diffuser

Cleaning aside, we all know one of Zoflora’s main selling points is its myriad of long-lasting fragrances, ranging from citrus, to floral, and many more bewitching scents! If you simply can’t get enough of the way your home smells after a good Zoflora-fuelled spring clean, then we’ve excellent news for you! By placing the disinfectant neat into a small bottle and adding some reeds, you can create your very own diffuser using your preferred Zoflora scent! Place in your living room to deliver delightful whiffs of fragrance as you settle down for the evening.

General Zoflora Uses

Whether in your laundry cycle or your weekly vacuum, these general Zoflora tips and tricks really will give you that Mrs Hinch approved home.

Disinfect Those Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve saved a whole lot of time and energy on the rest of the home, it’s time to focus on the finishing touches we often don’t get time for. Remote controls, light switches, door handles and more: all of these are some of the most notorious harborers of bacteria. Luckily, a simple spritz with Zoflora disinfectant’s bacteria-busting formula can ensure you and your family are protected.

Banish Musty Laundry

It’s almost like Zoflora’s Fresh Linen fragrance was made especially for this next tip! Damp odours are notorious for making even the cleanest clothes smell musty, old, and unpleasant. However a simple splash of Zoflora disinfectant in with your laundry cycle will ensure they never smell anything short of heavenly again! This is especially effective with items such as bath mats, pet blankets, and sweaty gym clothes.

Create A Zoflora Spray Bottle

Using Zoflora as a spray is just another way to make those household duties a little less time-consuming. Simply dilute two capfuls of your chosen Zoflora and place into a spray bottle to create a handy and easy-to-use disinfectant. Perfect to use either in your sink, surfaces, or sofas, this is bound to make those small cleaning tasks a little easier.

Did you know Zoflora now do disinfectant sprays and mists? We’re talking delightful rhubarb and cassis, as well as your favourite midnight blooms scent in a handy, ready-to-use bottle and aerosol.

Make Your Floors Smell Great

Do you love a two birds with one stone cleaning trick? So do we! Soak a piece of kitchen towel in your chosen Zoflora disinfectant and place in your hoover filter to release a long-lasting fragrance all around your home as you vacuum!

Save Your Stinky Shoes

Nobody enjoys having stinky shoes around the home. While you may be able to chuck some in your clothes washer, some require a little more TLC. Place a Zoflora-soaked cloth in your shoes while you sleep and wake up to fresh smelling and ready to wear shoes. The perfect Zoflora use for busy parents who want an easy solution to their kids stinky sports trainers.

Time to get cleaning! Browse all our Zoflora scents and let us know how you get on with our tips and tricks! Be sure to fill us in on any extra hacks you discover for yourself by tagging #CherryzUK.

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